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F1 2019 Multiplayer Latency Issue [SG]


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Both myself and my friend are living in U.S. and wanted to race online thru multiplayer.

However, everytime we try to join a game, we’re having latency issues. The sessions list shows green full bars before joining and would turn into blinking no connection or red 1 or 2 bars as soon as we join the session. Happens every time on every session. No matter the shown latency before joining, it would turn into red as soon as we join the lobby.

We tried hosting too, hosting a session is the same way. Shows blinking latency when I’m in the session alone as a host, then would just turn into red or orange as soon as someone joins.

We’re on PS4 Base version.

Download speed is about 48mbps and upload of about 6mbps on my ps4 connected via wifi. Friend shows similar connection speed.

Never had any connectivity issues with any other games, just F1 2019.

Anyone else having similar problems? Resolutions to this matter?


Edit.) I just tested with an actual hardwire ethernet cable connection, Download speed shows 86+ with Upload of 8mbps. Yet, same result. All sessions showing green full signal turns into red as soon as I join the session.


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  • Codemasters Staff

Hi @Wonvie,

The session list shows the current session quality as reported by host. Once in a session, you will get an updated rating within the lobby based on your ability to connect to other players in the lobby, your bandwidth (usually upload is the limiting factor), and your latency to each of the other players. The rating will usually be flashing as the game connects you with the other players and will update as this happens. You should see this value settle down after a short period of time.

If you rating always stays on the red bars, then I'd suggest setting up a private session with just the two of you in it to check your connection to each other. If it is just you two in the session and your upload speeds are both fine then it is likely to be latency bringing the lobby rating down. This could be a result of your internet configuration or the distance between you. To check this, you could do an internet speed test, selecting a server that is close to where your friend lives to check the basic latency between you. I think a latency of over 100ms will produce red bars in the lobby - we may have adjusted the threshold values of these in 2019, although we made other changes that should have improved some of this. Also, I'd suggest you both switch to ethernet connections if possible, just to rule out the extra latency from your wifi setups. If your latency looks fine, then the issue could be in the sessions that you are joining, or the players within those lobbies. A video or screenshot of the lobby might help confirm this.


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