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35 minutes ago, iosis said:

i give up on this game.



Really? Just because you can’t invite your friends to ranked lobbies 😂

Just play the game and enjoy it, play unranked and invite your friends all you want if this is what’s most important to you! You already have the option to do this. What’s the obsession with being able to do it in ranked?

if you don’t enjoy it play something else that you enjoy more. It’s a game.

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Pretty damn easy to explain: 

to drive against other people on the same safety rank "COMPETITVE". Not against kids that crash into you every two races, so you have to kick them out of your lobby. Half of my league met us in ranked lobbies in F1 2018 and joined our league afterwards. We enjoyed ranked so much that we wrote this topic here together.

"just play the game and enjoy it" - thank you for your help... #faceplam
I am pretty sure online lobbies have a population that is not half as great like in the last game. This topic here explains why.

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