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F1 2019 UDP

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i'm working on a Dashboard wit an ESP32 an a Nextion Display.



struct PacketHeader
    uint16    m_packetFormat;         // 2019
    uint8     m_gameMajorVersion;     // Game major version - "X.00"
    uint8     m_gameMinorVersion;     // Game minor version - "1.XX"
    uint8     m_packetVersion;        // Version of this packet type, all start from 1
    uint8     m_packetId;             // Identifier for the packet type, see below
    uint64    m_sessionUID;           // Unique identifier for the session
    float     m_sessionTime;          // Session timestamp
    uint      m_frameIdentifier;      // Identifier for the frame the data was retrieved on
    uint8     m_playerCarIndex;       // Index of player's car in the array

wich Size is m_frameIdentifier?

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It is an uint. That  is an unsigned integer which takes 32 bit in memory.  Just like a normal integer but only for positive numbers. 

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