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f1 2013 . lag after a while

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I have an annoying problem when I play F1 2013 for a while... I get several lags and I don't know why
here's a video I uploaded detailing the case: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wtQ8mPeeaw0
I have Intel Core i7, 6 GB RAM and 2 GB ATI Radeon graphic card (M6630)

ps.: playing F1 2012, months ago, I had these lags when the notebook was a little warmer, but I put it above some book, in order to let the air flow easier and the problem normally was solved
in F1 2013, even an external fan not fixes it
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yes, I'm sure! when I run the game with my Intel graphic card, the FPS never reaches to 30, and there's no lag such in the video above
yes, I'm already tried setting lowest options and did not have difference, these lags persists after a while playing
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thanx God i've found this forum.. unfortunately i didnt find an answer for my problem. or i should say - i didnt find it YET.
i have completely the same problem like JUKKATOLONEN. it starts yesterday, 10th of may, i can't found any solution. Also i have noticed that my CPU usage for F1 2013 game droped from about 30proc to just about 7-11proc. when the lag started yesterday. any solution guys, please HELP :(
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I have the same problem,but I think I know what it is.
To see if you have the same culprit as me do the following,go to the following web site
and download Core Temp,install it,run it.
Now go to benchmark and test at your normal settings,you can find it in the settings/graphics menu in the game.
Minimise the game or alt+ tab, and in Core Temps menu choose tools,reset high/low,this will reset temp reading to current temperatures of your Cpu/s, go back to game and run benchmark.
When benchmark is complete alt + tab back to Core Temp and see what the temperature you hit.
Im running AMD phenom II x4 (quad core) and the game just eats all the processors until they hit 60+ degrees when CPU throttling kicks in to stop game burning out processor,this results (for me anyway) in my car kangaroing down the track (or what you calling lag).

I have cleaned out my CPU cooler, applied new thermal paste to cpu and fan,and at moment im using a large desktop fan blowing directly into my case,which has the side off,and im still hitting 60+ degrees,i have a brand new  geforce GTX 750ti graphics card,but it makes no difference,f12013 just wants to melt your cpu cores.

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I had my i7 3930k downclocked to 1.5GHz~ because I had issue with my computer. I can say that F1 2013 is CPU intensive.

I noticed a lot of slow down mostly in Singapore near the pit while being at 1.5GHz~. On my normal usual clock at 4.3GHz I have no slowdown issue.

Laptops use mobile processor & even performance mobile CPU's are weaker than a mid-end desktop CPUs.  I believe it is normal.

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I think it could be a temperature issue indeed... I never thought it would be CPU and maybe it makes a little sense

about a year ago I was playing F1 2012 and Burnout Paradise with this exactly issue

as I told before, the problem was solved when I put the rear of my notebook above something, in order to let the air flow easier

ok... however months ago I started to play F1 2013 and I noticed the problem was back
to my surprise, no lags have appeared playing Burnout, so I thought the problem was the F1 2013 game

reading the FAQ, I decided to play F1 2013 in safe mode and no lags were registered, BUT when I play with Intel GPU, in regular mode, no lags were registered too! (but the FPS average is low)

honestly, I don't have any clue for what is the problem!
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I just got F1 2010 and I have this exact same issue even though my computer is up to snuff. (i7, 6GB RAM and Geforce GTX 760M). I've read somewhere that the issue stems from replay recordings. Apparently this game makes HUGE replay recordings (up to several GBs worth of footage of me spinning around because of the lag caused by said recording... sigh). How this was released in this state is beyond me. How it haven't been attended by Codemasters is unacceptable.
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