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TSS handbrake my feelings

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on rally  gravel and RX( all catergory ) i have no problem 

for rally tarmac with 4WD ( R5 , group A ,2000category ) the sensation is good ( just add litle bit inertia when you use handbrake )

for rally  tarmac FWD (  R2 , H1, H2 )  when i pull the handbrake in max the car is gripy ,  the back of the car is struggling to move ( i try this with rear more hard , and rear more high than front car ) i share 2 clip or driver use handbrake ( if you see the rear wheel are locked so he use handbrake )

for tarmac rally RWD  ( h2 , h3 RGT ) you pull litle bit bit the handbrake ( very , very litle bit )  the car makes a U-turn and we have no info in the steering wheel and we can not keep it straight  the car 

1:55 😉 handbrake 


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