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100 percent race

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I race In 100 percent league races, I looking for a bit of help here.

Say I Am in Spain and I run a 7 9 wing, would I be faster in qualifying if I lowered the front down to 6 ,(parte perme on) and then put back up to my 7 before race,  not sure of it would be faster with the less fuel, as the 79 is for full fuel race.!! 

And secondly,  once in the 100 percent race , would you advise lowering the wing down to 6 as the fuel drops off , or keep it the same?

Not to clued up on the fuel and weight plus wing situation as you can tell, so any help with anyone else that does 100 percent races would be great..

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If it is parc ferme, how can your change the front wing before the race? I know you can in pitstops, but not before...?

If you have to change it in the pits, that will take quite a bit of time.

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I would actually maybe go the opposite. Higher wing in qualy might give a faster laptime, but reducing in the race might allow better opportunities for overtakes or defending on the straights.

And yeah, you can change front wing before race, in car setup options in the race strategy screen. It’s allowed under parc ferme.

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