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HDR support (PC)

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Please add HDR support for the PC version of Dirt Rally 2.0. 

We wait for 6 months now... Even VR got its release.

There is really nothing that speaks against HDR for the PC version.

The OS supports it; The user screens supports it; Your console version supports it; And it's a standard option nowadays. Be it Tomb Raider, Hitman, Resident Evil, Battlefield, Crackdown or whatever... They all support HDR on PC for a long time because their console version does it too and there is no reason to avoid the pc version regarding HDR. 

(btw: most people are using the same screens as console users) 

And for some people: No, it's not HDR if you play in window mode. That's just the adjustable SDR picture of win10's HDR Mode. No HDR data, no HDR picture. 

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So it seems that the windows store version has HDR. (Features: Single Player, HDR, Xbox Live Achievements.)
When will we finally get it with our steam version?

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