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New to Codemasters and F1 in general.


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Just wanted to say WOW . Thank you for this site. Iys great to have a place to.find PROPER information. Thanks to all.that contribute to.the new players like myself.Many of you should be part of a team and perhaps some are as your knowledge is vast. It's very much appreciated to pair like myself that want to enjoy some racing. Without these tips provided it would not be the same.  To be competitive is very much more enjoyable to enjoy my entertainment. I.dont know all these various ways to gain a second around a track yet I know how much a second can coat in racing.Playing some WEC as well and I'm sure I will find more.  I can only thank all of you who contribute so much so we the newcomers can enjoy what we play. It's a huge difference.  So in finishing thank you for this great website. Thank you to all the major contributors who know what they are recommending . Also to the ones that don't thanks as knowing not what not to do is great, thanks.  So again thank you to all that make racing entertainment that much more enjoyable. Yes my 1st career in F1 I started out with Renault.  A middle of the pack team. But I did learn ( trial and error) where to put those valuable points. Career has been very enjoyable and a way to actually learn how to drive. The assists that were on in the beginning were needed for me. I have been able to increase AI and decreas3 the assists. I'm in it for the long haul so I get that patience is needed.  But as a way to have great gaming entertainment this is glorious fun.  As well as very competitive.  I'm happy to have finally found a site that really has some in-depth knowledgeable people contributing.  Thank you all 

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