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Grand Prix mode:
I've noticed that there are ghost cars during practice and qualifying and if they are driving right behind you, they ghost and drive in you. I can't setup ghost cars (on / off) like in multiplayer lobbies. If they drive in you it is an annoying thing. This option is missing. That means, it is not possible to crash with other cars in practice and qualifying.. which is pretty unrealistic. It's just possible during the race. Damage model: simulated. FIX IT!

Formation Lap:
Other cars ghost in you as soon as automatic control is on after last corner to form the grid. FIX IT!


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Also did you notice when the AI cars want to lap a AI , the AI will be Ghosted if it's too close to the car lapping him to avoid wrecking the AI race? lapping AI cars for AI cars is a peace of cake without the chance of crashing! but when i want to lap them they will make a mess!  i have some video footage about this particular issue

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