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REAL-RALLY: A club for those wanting the most realistic rally experience

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Hello everyone. I have just launched the club REAL-RALLY.  Each event aims to simulate a full day of the real World Rally Championship (WRC). This consists of 4 long stages, followed by a 30min service, and finally a 2nd loop of the 4 stages. To make things interesting, the 2nd loop will be in worse weather conditions. All assists OFF, Hardcore Damage ON.

Each month the location will change. This month is Australia. Please join if you are interested to experience the most authentic way to play this game. 

The URL is https://dirtrally2.com/clubs/club/191931

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Only ONE week left to see if you can survive the current REAL-RALLY event in Australia! So far only ONE member has actually managed to complete all 8 stages! Are you able to beat their time? Join the REAL-RALLY Club to find out (link above)!

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