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Input stuttering in codemasters games

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I downloaded Dirt Rally yesterday and immediately noticed something weird going on with the wheel. It's like the wheel sometimes freezes. The game itself doesn't freeze, only my inputs. This happens not only while racing but also when navigating in the menu. Sometimes when I click enter, the game doesn't register my input and I have to click enter again. When wheel freezes, my ffb turn light.

Here's a video of how it looks: https://twitter.com/Race_Fanatic_/status/592749360611500035

FPS keeps steady all the time and my resolution or quality doesn't matter. 

After looking around a bit I noticed that other people have had the same problem in other codemaster games:

Something I noticed from this is that everyone with the problem is running windows 8, that may or may not have something to do with it...

My specs:
AMD FX-8320 3,5
Asus R9270 2GB
Kingston hyperX DDR3 8GB
Asus 5Ma99X R2.0 
Fractal Design Integra R2 750W

I'm running the g27 wheel, I don't think that has sth to do with it as it's not only the wheel's inputs that's the problem.

Does anyone know what the problem could be? Any tip is helpful, I've already sent this in to codemasters support, but no answers.... :/


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I'm beginning to think its a G27 issue. I have a g27 and have the same issue. With mine its freezing my game also. I go into a hairpin and wheel feels like its going to rip out my hand then goes real weak in ffb, stays that way then freezes steering input and game. I only played for 25 minutes at the most cause I thought my wheel was going to break.
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