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Dirt Rally - Inconsistent Frametimes


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I noticed that Dirt Rally does have some pretty terrible Frame stuttering. Enabling VSync reduced it a bit but it is still there. I used Fraps to sample the Frametimes over 60 seconds and then prepped the data in excel:

edit: seems like embedding images from dropbox does not work, so here the link:

System Spec
Core i7 3770K
AMD 290x @ 2560 x 1600 Resolution  @ 60 Hz
Game on HDD
Windows 7 64bit

Steps to reproduce
Start the game, race anything

How long was your current session?
Basically just started the game.

Which graphics preset were you using?
Mostly Ultra, went down to High on some settings. The above data was running with VSync on.

These are the Min Max Average Values that Fraps outputs. It shows that the average performance is quite ok, but individual Frames take up to 3-4 normal frames (see image above).
Frames, Time (ms), Min, Max, Avg
  3535,     60000,  55,  61, 58.917

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Refresh rate in the options is 60Hz. I can't change it to anything else anyways :)

I use a 30" Monitor connected via a DualLink DVI cable. So I think this is not the problem.

Thanks for the idea though
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