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Starter car pack in Season 3 & 4 DLC ?

Sith Metal

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So it seems like the usual issue that Xbox players in particular have been plagued with - the DLC is bought, but content entitlements haven't been updated. Fortunately it never seems to be permanent - it's usually fixed within a couple of days (although I accept that it's "a couple of days" too late!).

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called it. just had a feeling there'd be issues on steam as well as consoles this time. it's always complicated when it's only possible to buy a package the same day the first items in said package become available.

3 hours ago, GregPit81 said:

i first bought the Ford before seeing and buying the season pass.
so I can not say

there's a good chance that's why you have the Ford. do you have the season 3 pass (D+) logo in the top right of the screen?

2 hours ago, todd said:

Xbox - I don't have the Ford or Subaru in my garage, can't do the special events due to missing entitlements and did not get a credit drop. The clown show continues,

xbox always takes longer. why do you assume there was a credit drop today? EDIT: just noticed the announcement that says you should be getting a credit drop if you're a D+ player

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1 hour ago, ianism said:

xbox always takes longer. why do you assume there was a credit drop today? 

Actually the current issue is different from the last few DLC drops.

All the DLCs were available at midnight, Season 3+4 pass, Year 1 pass, DR2.0 Super Deluxe Edition and the 2 cars separately. But like always I didn't had them in the ready to install-list at that point. But around the daily reset they were ready to install (the SUBARU slightly later than the other 3 items).

But there seems to be an issue in game with tracking that DLC, seems to be not Microsofts fault this time.

It's all PJ's fault actually!

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