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[ SOLVED ] buying Pack saison 3&4 on Xbox market

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[Solved] Saison3 & Saison4 tokens are now available 

Hello, I just bought the Season 3&4 pack at the normal price indicated, I own the version Deluxe Dirt 2.0 ( Xbox ). After my payment the installation is done immediately in 2 seconds ?!? , but if I go into the management of my Dirt Rally 2.0 , for Dirt Rally Deluxe Content Pack 2.0 season 3&4 I have the file: Starter Car Upgrade Pack !!!!  I've never bought this matching pack before, and I don't have on my Drive the 3&4 season pack that I just paid for. On the market the Pack 3&4 is notified "installed" if i go on Détail, it show me on my drive the starter Car Upgrade pack . !!!!!!!!??????? 

here a screen shot from my Microsoft account 



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