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DiRT Rally - Stuck in Monthly and Weekly Event online?


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I am not so sure if this is a bug. I am stuck in the monthly event and the weekly.

First I thought I couldn't continue the monthly event because I totalled my car, but when I played the weekly event I was thrown back to the main menu after the first race and I can't click on these events anymore. Nothing happens, no feedback, no info about why I can't continue.

Will more events be unlocked later? But the monthly is only running for another 2 days it seems?
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1FurnaceInferno said:
If you hover over the event you can go to event details and from there you can reset your progress in the monthly event, not sure about the weekly event as I haven't tried it yet. daily event is one chance only though.
I messed up - the monthly one is nearly at the end. The weekly one is fresh so half of the stages are still locked.

I couldn't continue the monthly one because I totalled the car - and I couldn't continue the weekly one, because the stages were still locked.

Thanks for your tip :) - You can reset the monthly and the weekly - not the daily. To sad I messed up the daily :(
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