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Your thoughts on the pricing for Season 3 + 4


Do you think the pricing for Season 3 + 4 is reasonable? [POLL]  

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  1. 1. Do you think the price is reasonable?

    • Yes, US$30 is reasonable
    • No, US$25 would be more reasonable
    • No, US$20 would be more reasonable

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54 minutes ago, chukonu said:

How was it suggested? It very clearly says in your link what it contains. It even gave 2 cars more than promised.

Also the wording is exactly the same and hasn't changed as shown clearly by the screenshot I took just now, what are you even on about.

Wrong page.



So the non-upgrade Deluxe still says it has high reward events then which as we now know is false information, as they have 'expired'.  So they are advertising falsely. 

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On 9/5/2019 at 7:33 PM, DocStrangelove said:

That's a good point, and yeah it's certainly not cheap. It depends on two things, A) if I want rally only or if I also want RX (since most of it is RX), and B) how much I'll play it. Personally, Greece alone would be worth €10-15 to me because it's so awesome and I'll spend dozens of hours in that location alone. I wasn't a fan of Finland in DR1 after the physics update because the cars were so light that you spent most of the time in the stratosphere, with DR2's better balanced/weightier physics I might turn out really liking it too.

The point I'm arguing is that I measure value by how many hours of joy I get out of it. If this is worth 50+ hours of excitement, I'm fine with the price. There are many AAA games that give you some 6-10 hours of gameplay. Say, I don't even play RX a lot but the rally content alone will give me much for my money. In contrast, as a single player only person, buying Battlefield 1 for €5 gave me about 4 hours of horrible tedium before I couldn't take it any longer, so even those €5 were an absolute waste of money. Hardcore multiplayer shooter players will get a lot out of the game but for the campaign the original full price is a bad joke (I know BF is pretty much MP only but that's not how they promote it).

That's why I said it depends on how much you like the game and the content, how much you play it and how much you enjoy it. For more casual players of DR2 this is too expensive, but for me it's alright given that it's my favourite racing game of all time, even one of my favourite games of all time. Casual players for whom this is too steep can still cherry-pick or wait for a sale.

Fair comment.. There was no ulterior motive to the question - I was just curious 🙂

(ps) Sorry for the delay but i've just gotten back from a (surprisingly) sunny long weekend in Bridlington 

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On 9/9/2019 at 6:22 AM, dirtydog413 said:

So the non-upgrade Deluxe still says it has high reward events then which as we now know is false information, as they have 'expired'.  So they are advertising falsely. 

It would be appreciated @PJTierney @Faya if Codemasters could comment on why this has occurred, why CMs think it is acceptable, and what might be done to correct it.

High reward events have never been advertised as time limited.

Even assuming high reward events were (retrospectively) associated with Seasons, those seasons have never had start and end dates communicated (until just recently), and only after Season's 1 & 2 had supposedly finished.

The Deluxe Edition is still being sold advertising High Reward Events. Still. Right now.

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honestly as much of a **** as I'll sound...  Most of the posters that just complain about other posters replies and ignore the subject at hand I'd much rather never hear from again - or see in any of my lobbies/championships either.


I'm personally happy with the pricing, especially considering it'll likely run through sales in the future.

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15 hours ago, Mike Dee said:

Man reading some of the replies through here is sad but entertaining. So much entitlement that keeps becoming more asinine with each page, grasping at more and more straws as time goes on.

I honestly can't blame them too much, especially if they bought the game early and had certain expectations of the DLC. This is one of CM's first real experiments with this DLC approach, and it's still not much of a thing in their actual flagship series (F1), nor was it a thing in DR1. I'm definitely getting the sense that CM are trying to see just how greedy they can get. I don't think it's purely malevolent, nor are the prices completely impossible to understand, but the way they've gone about doing things was bound to rub people the wrong way and I can easily understand why. I don't see it as entitlement, rather people expecting more out of a once-beloved company whose reputation has been dropping recently, and this is a trend that can be observed going at least as far back as F1 2010, maybe even the original GRID.

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Price is ok. I like the game and if it helps to keep the game alive in case of support, Patches, additinal and even reused converted content its ok.

Its not Fifa or Fortnite or other Megablaster with so much players.

Its clear that a complex game and DLC cant be cheap.

I prefer to get a sim with development potential and quality in the end wit as muchvrealism as possible.

Its ok to pay the price for that.

Compared to that. I play also IL2 Sturmovik.

Its a WW2 Flight Simulation. There are also not so much players.

If a new DLC is released its more expensive ( >60$) but its ok for the fans.


At the end calculate spent Euros/Dollars per hours or days of usage 

Played 300 hours Dirt 2.0 . Playing around 4 to 5 days a week.

Price ?  Guess, its cheap for me what I got and Im still playing.

Beginning is the same like the end of the calculatiion.

Price is ok.



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i brought season 3 and 4 pass it cost £25 on steam.  i wasnt happy with the pricing but i wanted season 3 for the rally content. after the season 3 became available and you can buy the parts seperate you add them up and the total price is £16. it makes no sense to buy the season 3 and 4 package as it costs  you more than individual price of the items.

when you buy passes or packages ideally you get extras over buying singular. thats the whole point.

very odd how its priced and packaged. the content is great though.

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