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My Opinion so far (steam review)


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This can be a great rally simulator but at the moment still needs some tweaks

+ Graphics and sounds are great (not F1 2015 graphics but at least they run great on every PC)
+ Nice simplistic style overall (menus and HUD)
+ No stupid assists like flashback; auto braking; corner helper; etc.
+ Difficulty system based on assists (bonus exp when you dont use them) and not on presets
+ Handling is more challenging and realistic than on previous games
+ Mechanic system back from the CMR days with choices on what you want to repair for the next session
+ Tracks feel dangerous and with not much margin of error like on real life (no flashbacks enforces this idea)

- Cars are somewhat unresponsive at high speeds and that makes the game boring because you cant drive that fast
- Car setup and mechanic system are a + but needs to be deeper like on old CMR games
- Dirt 3 soundtrack was amazing, this one is pretty boring with only ambient sound like on Grid 2, no real songs
- No real carrer mode yet
- Tracks could be longer than always 4-5min
- Most cars are are just from Dirt 3 (not good Codemasters)
- No multiplayer at the moment
- Only regular cars (no buggys, trucks, etc) soo far
- No fun factor yet

Note: Like most people I think Gymkhana is stupid in a rally game but I actually enjoyed the drifting stages and the time attack ones, they were alright for me. These time attack stages are pretty fun because you can always restart in a bit without rage because its not like you lost that entire 10min perfect time on the last corner, some time challenges like on GranTurismo would be fun.

I still like the game, definitely makes justice to the CMR legacy but need improvement and more content
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jayp666 said:
- no buggies, truck?
- drift stages?

It's a rally game dude...there is something you don't understand. What you should ask for are super special stages and rallycross.
Codemaster's said that they are open to any suggestion on what more to add to the game, we already have Trailbalzer coming back aswell as Rallycross.
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Codemaster's said that they are open to any suggestion on what more to add to the game
Yes they did, but I'm not sure you've browsed any of the other reviews. I'd say at least 75% are saying, "Thank God Codemasters removed Gymkhana!!" So return of the pointless hooning around will most likely not see a return. IMO, Gymkhana is a waste of time better spent on improving something else. 

Something I would like added:
- A practice compound somewhat similar to Dirt 3.
Sometimes you want a break from all the rally and just go crazy on some tarmac. The practice compound was always a fun little edition and I feel like that's something this game is missing. Also could give those who do want to dirft and hoon a place to do it.
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it's only my opinion soo far in the game but guys... buggys and trucks are part of rally just like joker laps.
Aren't Dakar stages rally too for example? Arent there trucks?! Those are the stages I would love to get on the game like a 10-20min track, I dont ask for more, if for example Nurburgring takes about 7-10 min a lap why would this game not have really long tracks too when they drive hours and hours a day in Dakar stages?

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