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Statistics and telemetry data

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I was asked by @PJTierney to post my suggestion from the roadbook trhread in this sub forum:

Are there any plans for v.1.8 through v.1.13 for more and better statistics and telemetry data in the base game? I would like to have sheets like the attached one for Overall, for each car, for each country and for each stage. As of v.1.7 there is only milage counters per car, and only in My Team. I would like statistics independent of the game mode I’m playing (totals for clubs, custom, time trial AND My team). 

 The attached screenshot is from WRC7, and I’m really excited about the increased elements of statistical and telemetry data we’ll see in WRC8. I think DR2.0, which is very good in many aspects, should deliver more in the statistics departement than how it looks right now in the v.1.7. In the «Total sheet» the screenshot shows some ideas, like #km on snow, #km on gravel, #km on taramac, #total time, #total km driven etc. I would like to see «Car model sheet» which can include #total kilometres driven, #total time driven, #rallies driven, #stages driven, #terminal damage, #stages driven without damage, #green splits, #red splits, favourite livery, #victories, #top three, #credits earned in My Team, #credits used on repairs in My Team, Personal best for a spesific stage for highlighted car, World record for a spesific stage for highlighted car, #rolls, #kilometres driven without damage, #manual spawns, #automatic spawns. «Rally location sheet» should contain about the same information but with the rally location as a starting point. Same goes for «Rally stage sheet» which there will be twelve of for each rally.



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