I took my time and read through the thread, and what I noticed is a serious lack of whats important. 1st @ChrisGrovesMCM clearly stated they released unfinished footage and access to AT LEAST allow us to see whats to be expected. Yet some of u ignore this probably cause u no longer care. You say u care but in reality u dont cause caring requires faith, and some of u clearly have no faith they can make a quality game anymore. 2nd, if all u can point to is a few graphical mishaps then they are on the right track. 3rd, netcode, lag, glitches, crashes, racenet, wheel compatibility, controller adjustments, cheat prevention, leaderboard issues are FAR more IMPORTANT then some stupid reflections and trees. Goodness people wake up, its far better to have a smooth gaming experience void of issues then graphics. FYI, reflections and trees are an easy fix which they are probably saving til last. Fix the hard problems now, save the easy stuff for last.