Boy, are you tiresome...  🤦‍♂️

As already explained several times, even directly to you, it was later stated by @ChrisGrovesMCM that the original video that started this thread had a problem with HDR, but not any of the others, that was the only one. It was later clarified by the youtuber it was from Xbox, not "Low vs Ultra".

Since that initial pages there has been dozens of examples of all sorts of bad stuff from the game, in many different areas, even from PC Ultra videos and 4K60... but you prefer to ignore them to keep your illusion bubble and your blind "faith".

Here's your "very high quality amazing looking game":

Most of the problems doesn't even have to do with "Low vs Ultra", like Trees, GI or Motion Blur not having a setting in the Advanced Options menu, track areas being excessively dark due to lack of proper Eye Adaptation/Automatic Exposure, LOD switcheroo so near the camera, etc.

The thing is...    what's your point?   really, what's your point with your posts here, again and again?  you don't contribute anything of value to the topic, it's all just puerile rants ala "shut up! you hurting my illusions!" 🤦‍♂️ You are wrong, as usual. Contrary to blind fanboyism dogma and "faith", these are FACTS, based on the current builds, which according to some youtubers and gaming sites, are FINAL. I don't know if you can understand spanish, but in this video from VANDAL they clearly state "we already have been able to test it in its FINAL version":  FINAL:

Youtubers and gaming channels are playing the FULL game with REVIEW codes, 1 WEEK ahead of launch.

It's being stated MANY TIMES, but nobody answered this: how much Dirt 4 or Dirt Rally 2 changed from the videos showed 1 month before release to release date? ZERO. NOTHING. NADA. 🤷‍♂️

Yet some of you are still expecting this multiplatform game will magically have all these problems fixed at launch, with not a single specific word from the devs about them, beyond "these reports are useful".