Just an example of how much better things can look with just some features, tweaks and nice tricks:

Why this shot from the GRID trailer looks so vastly better than any moment from gameplay? let's analyze it in detail:

1. Color grading. For starters, even if it's a bit too bright, colors are well balanced, there is no unrealistic oversaturation and contrast is equilibrated: there are neither burnt out areas nor pitch black ones.

2. Motion Blur. Good use of high quality motion blur increases the sense of speed and helps hiding problems like lack of detail in track elements, aliasing. etc. They used the same trick for almost all promo images, but then ALL gameplay videos have a total lack of any motion blur but car's wheels. There's not even an option in the Advanced Options menu anymore. 🤔

3. Camera shake. Camera shake helps a lot with the sense of speed too. Makes racing exciting and cinematic. It just transmits a "danger" feeling that is totally lacking in the gameplay, with so fixed cameras with so little movement.

4. Lighting. Light is much more evenly distributed, with indirect lighting.

5. There is no weird glitches taking you out of the realism. No LOD switches or low res trees. No shadows suddenly appearing from nothing. No jaggies/Aliasing.

Just 5 details that would make the real gameplay vastly better. 

The question is...  Why GRID can't look this good on PC? this video may be prerendered/fake just for the trailer shot, but it doesn't even have real reflections or other elements that look impossible to achieve in realtime. There is no reason why the game can't look this good (or pretty near) in current PC top hardware. 🤷‍♂️