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Dirt Rally (early access) Player discussions on steering wheel settings


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Hi all I am new to racing wheel settings so this is a baptism by fire and learning. please don't forget to write your wheel/rig setup, mines is in the signature. Looking forward to trying your settings.


Thrustmaster T300RS (set on ps3 the recommended for PC)

(may work for TX as I have my default installed 900 instead of 1080deg. rotation)

Software Build Early Access version V??????????? (who knows, tell us where to find it CM)


So this was day one and the game didn't, I don't think recognise the wheel. So in my opinion the game is just unplayable by base settings as the amount of work you need to do is just brutal. More detailed explanation to follow but if you have this wheel I list my setting below which I think made this game playable. (I did all 24 tracks of the monthly challenge using the mini in forced camera view)

Thrustmaster Software

900 deg rotation (default install) not 1080. all other settings as default.

Rally settings

Dead zone 0 (was using 5% for a while due to big movements required to drive on Greece tracks)

Steering Saturation 55% (was 65% for a long time)

Linerity 1 (with 65% steering was 2)

Throttle deadzone 0%

Throttle saturation 100%

Breaking deadzone 0%

Breaking Saturation 100%

Why I came to these settings

"Power assisted high-ratio (12:1) steering, 2.0 turns lock to lock" from this webpage


seems rally cars have about a short lock to lock 1.7-2.1 which was why I was finding the game just a pain in the ass on default settings.

I noticed the hands syncing more at gentle angles in cockpit, but it was the driving feel which lead me to pick the settings.

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Sorry Continued from post 1 (T300RS)

wanted to add one more thing. The learning curve was steep and I have a two pedal basic setup. so I picked automatic instead of the paddle shifters. Having said that the ebrake on button 5 was a pain to hit reliably especially if your using high 900 deg wheels like I have at high steering saturation. So I remapped the e brake to one of the paddle shifters. I might now consider increasing the steering saturation as I can now hit the e brake, or I config the shifters back and try remapping the ebrake to button 5 9 (aka R2). I might of considered remapping to the space bar on the keyboard but it seems that's not an option at the moment as only the wheel is recognised.

PS is it just me or does this forum screw up your keyboard (lock or constant character) when it does a draft save. i.explorer win 7 pro

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