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DLCs for the Oculus version this is getting ridiculous

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Where is our promised extra content for the Oculus version ? This is totally ridiculous ! 

"At a later date". We have paid even more money than the Steam users and still NO DATE NO ETA for the DLCs we all have the right to get. 

I can see all around the web (Steam forums and here) that people are REALLY angry at Codemasters for the mess they made, the rip off of the users on Steam expecting to have Oculus support.

This is totally unprofessional. Yes the game is great but Codemasters HAS to keep their promises. I want to have precise date in which we will get all the DLC content that is already available for all the other users on Steam !


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2 hours ago, Janneman60 said:

Extra content for oculus? Never heard of. Only they said is to improve the use of VR.

The fact that you never heard of it does not mean absolutely anything. 

Does the Oculus version have DLC?

The Oculus version contains the same base-game content as other platforms.
Post-release DLC content that was available on other platforms will come to Oculus at a later date.
Free content (like the DirtFish location and liveries) are available on Oculus at the same time as other platforms.

Next time before vomiting something useless inform yourself. Thank you.

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