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[Straight Line Racing League] SLR Rally Champ Club (4WD)

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Aside from lobby based PS4 rally championship league, we open SLR Rally Champ Club and its open for everyone and all platforms!

https://dirtrally2.com/clubs/club/195459  - Link for the club and you can find it also by searching SLR Rally Champ.

Information about the championship:

- 7 days / event, overall 10 events

- Only all 4WD classes

- 10 stages / event 

- Weather mostly at day time, only ONE night stage in Germany

- Forced cockpit cam, NO Assists, HC Damage ON, Unexpected moments ON


Germany - Group B (4WD)

Australia - Group B (4WD)

New Zealand - Group A

Wales - Group A

Spain - NR4/R4

Argentina - R5

Poland - NR4/R4

Sweden - Up to 2000cc

USA - Up to 2000cc

Monte Carlo - R5


Heres the link to the Straight Line Racing leagues website for more information about the league because theres also F1 2019 Leagues going on !




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