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For whatever reason I get really low GPU usage while doing anything in game. I've been monitoring my GPU usage with MSI Afterburner and it never goes to the full 100%, always hovers in the 60-70% and my FPS suffers a lot as a result. Even if I lower my resolution from 1080p to 768p it still doesn't use the full GPU. I've tried lowering the more intense settings, using Vsync in game, in the Nvidia control panel and locking the framerate to 60 with Afterburner, and still nothing.

A CPU bottleneck is 100% out of the question since in every single other game my CPU runs at about 30% to 50% at most while the graphics card is at 99%/100%.

This is the first game I've played with such weird performance.

My specs are: i7 6700HQ, GTX 960M 4GB, 8GB Ram.

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If you lower the resolution, turn on v-sync (capping your fps) and lower the settings you wont see a increase in gpu load but the exact opposite.


is one core maxed out on your CPU? Dont look at the combined usage.

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