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Belgium - being denied to drive the race due to app not loading the event

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I've been denied to complete the races of the Belgium Grand Prix yesterday due to the app constantly crashing when loading the race.

I've completed the qualifying when the event started and managed to get the pole (nowhere near as fast as what the people on top of the leaderboard due).

Yesterday I wanted to complete the races but was denied to do so. The app kept crashing when loading the race ... (duels and singles did work though)


I'm feeling robbed of the rewards I would have gotten (probably silver tier) and don't seem to get any help with the faulty product @ChrisGrovesMCM

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and this is the answer from CODEMASTER on the only place you can ask for help (since this forum has been abandoned by Codemasters @ChrisGrovesMCM)


"This is an automated reply.


We are sorry that we have been unable to attend to your enquiry as fast as we would like. Please can we request that you make sure you have reviewed the FAQs for the game, as these contain answers to many of the common questions that we receive...




The newest or "hot" topics can be found here...




and general troubleshooting (for connection, lag, stuttering or crashing issues) can be found here...




If you have reviewed all of the FAQs and still need help with your issue then please re-open this ticket and we will reply as soon as we are able. Please note, however, that if your issue is dealt with by one of the FAQs your ticket may be closed without reply.


Hope this helps. Thanks for playing F1 Mobile Racing."




what happen to being proud of your product? 

unfortunately CODMASTERS aim is not to make the BEST F1 game possible but to make the worst F1 game they can get away with.


What sad environment are we living in where quality is irrelevant. 😞

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