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I have the deluxe edition of Dirt Rally 2.0 with all of the season 1 and 2 content, unfortunately I bought the European version, so I had to create a third account on my PS4 for that region to download the dlc. I have been able to use all of the season 1 and 2 dlc on my main US account however.


The issue I'm having is that yesterday I bought the Season 3 and 4 Pass on my main account, but it's not showing up in "My Add-On's" section when I open the game in my library. It says I have it purchased but it's not appearing in my main PSN account, but when I switch over to my European account, I can access the "My Add-On's" there and it shows everything for Season 1 and 2. When I tried downloading the two cars, nothing is happening.

I tried restarting the game, deactivating and reactivating my main account as my primary account, and now I'm reinstalling the game, but I still can't access the "My Add-Ons in my main US account to access the S3 and S4 pass content. 


Can you please help assist with this issue?


Thank You,


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