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Concerned about the 'VIP Bonus...'

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Really looking forward to the new Grid game! Preordered already because I think it looks gorgeous and has everything I liked about the first Grid game and excludes everything I didn't (including Drifting, which I loathed, not a popular stance around here, as far as I can tell...) 

But am I the only one, after having watched some gameplay videoes, who's a little concerned about the way they've implemented this 'VIP Bonus' thing? I mean if I buy (and even preorder, in my case) the regular game, not the ultimate addition, I'd be pretty ****** if I see this little 'VIP Bonus - 0 pts.' after each time I complete a race... That's just a little too greedy from my perspective.

I sincerely hope that this will only be a part of the VIP buyers' experience - NOT the rest of us.

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Preorder and day1 are made for squeeze peoples wallet.

Btw i don't know about this vip bonus thing… you should buy the ultimate… better drown to deep sea… u know what i mean.

i'll buy this game, the ultimate brucelee fat vip version as soon as get 85% discount on steam. And this can happen in less than half year...

They capitalize all the incomings on preorders, day one, and first 3months of sales. After that is all flat. I remember grid2 online was dead after 2months. (the first and the last game i make a preorder from codies)...  the cockpit view missing mastercrapiece.

Nowdays games are made with templates, so after the ''crap1reboot'' you buy ''crap2vendetta'' with the hope that is less cr4p than first one… and so on…  

And the software house is pretty happy of that, they can build a game with template in 10minutes...


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