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Braking assist

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As a player who uses braking assist, I find it pretty depressing to lose several tenths or even a second over one single corner or chicane against other opponents. So here’s a list of corners where I regularly get outrageously outrun by duel opponents:

Melbourne turn 11-12

Sakhir turn 11

Shanghaï turns 13 & 16

Spielberg turn 6-7

Silverstone turn 17-18

Hockenheim turn 13

Budapest turn 8-9

Suzuka turn 1-2

Sao Paulo turn 4

Yas Marina turn 12-13

Could devs improve braking assist in those corners to make players who use it lose less time?

Another way to solve this could be to tweak matchmaking to avoid duel between players who use braking assist and others who don’t, even if it means playing against bots.

That would be nice.


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Beyond fixing things they broke, it appears the devs have stopped working on improving gameplay for a while now and have since turned their attention to finding new ways to do micro transactions, sadly. I hope they’re secretly working on an F1 2020 that’s the spiritual successor of F1 2016, but I’m not holding my breath.

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Players not using brake assist SHOULD get an advantage in the corners if they do it right, no? Higher risk, higher reward.

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