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History of Gaming


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Hello everyone

I was born to be a gamer at the right time "1966" but later i hit the age of computer games, just when Richard Darling and his elder brother, David Darling was starting there life into Games.

This was my start of motorsport as well, where i went onto be a co driver in a mk1 ford escort full cosworth spec fia, later on i did more private events, sadly forced to leave under health condition, but it was huge fun no regets leaving it tho.

Back to gaming first codemasters game was BMX Sim, the list is very long after that way too many to list like Colin McRae rally, TOCA, GRID, DIRT, F1, but not too long ago i joined into the early release of DIRT Rally, that changed my gaming history well kind of as before that i was doing a lot of closed alpha testing for games, and it returned me back to the thing i loved so much..

After getting DRally. i meet a guy called vajb and we had some good fun, with gift give aways, where codemasters devs would join in, it was all good fun, i even made some good car skins for the give aways but at a later date to respect codemasters i stopped making them and never made one since..

I have tested games with most of the big names behind some of the best triple AAA titles, but also some small company's great respect for them starting out in what can be a tough world computer games.

Sadly at the age of nearly 54 i have past health trouble catching up on me very quick which will force me away from gaming due to i can not sit without been in a lot of pain, even the simple things in life as became a pain to do, looking for a very comfort chair would give me some more weeks/months in gaming "would love to buy one of the chairs used at GRID gamescom, they look soft lol.

Anyway thats about it, but i am the guy behind the image below, i drawed it up in photoshop, and got my brother in law to cut the brass plate at his work place, i mounted  of some wood, and posted it to codemassters as a respect "from the community" as i am only a small part of codemasters loving community, so the plaque is from all of us..

Hoping to be still be able to play what could be my last codemasters game "GRID" on release.

Thats just a very small part of my love for gaming and motorsport, mite write something in off topic tbh, hope yous enjoyed the read ?



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