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Myth or Real about Legendary box

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How to get the Legendary box in a Duel, I believe, is by being ahead, behind, then ahead again during the race will get you a Legendary box.

is this a myth or real? Up to you to decide.


i was just in a quali race. I was ahead then fall back from my opponent, then caught up and got ahead again ending with a win. Not by much, but to my surprise I got a Legendary box. I’ve noticed in some of my previous races when I got this box, similar situation happened.

happy hunting 

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The game is now officially a card collecting game. Like searching for the rarest of Pokemon, we have left motor racing behind and entered the realm of the absurd where any tenuous link to F1 has been abandoned. 

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I agree with this statement, okay so we have cards that we get in boxes. However I feel that F1 is a strategy, which team has best race setup and strategy on race day, therefore we should be able to select which parts we want to research in each box. 

I have my preferred setup, however I never seem to get those parts developed in the boxes, I for one keep getting parts to upgrade that I don’t use in any of my 3 setups.

Then the game would move from who has the luck of getting parts he is using to who upgrades the right parts.

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