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RaceNet unavailable -- dependence on Internet Explorer?


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A few weeks ago in Autosport, I stopped being able to sign in to RaceNet whilst in-game. Frustrating, but match-making still works (for what it's worth, I can still never find any games). However, I attempted to enter the online challenges in DiRT Rally on this fresh install -- only to get the same 'RaceNet unavailable' error message.

I've seen a few other people discussing this problem but no solution's been forthcoming.

A quirk of my setup is that Internet Explorer is not (and will never be) installed. Are the in-game RaceNet components somehow reliant upon some internal IE interaction for communication, or is there another problem?

I can reach the RaceNet site in any browser. Nothing's happened to my computer to obviously prevent two games from being able to contact their online services, so is there a way I can run any diagnostics or check connectivity to test my PC and connection?

(Windows 7 x64, Sky DSL, wired connection, etc etc.)
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In the end I gave up, and (re)installed IE. I also decided to reset my Winsock layer, just because... well, try everything once! Bizarrely, since then in-game RaceNet has connected OK and works in both GRID Autosport and DiRT Rally.

So, either there IS a dependence on an IE module (bad), or my winsock was partially corrupted somehow (which is odd, because absolutely everything else on the computer is running perfectly and this PC's used predominantly for gaming).
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Frustrating that Codemasters do nothing with the problem. Hundreds of people can't play online, because  sites codemasters.com is not available because they still use old and unwanted security protocols

Starting in Firefox 34, Secure Sockets Layer version 3.0 (SSLv3) is blocked by default because it is no longer secure (for details, see this blog post).

Now is send this message via Internet Explorer
Shame on Codemasters.  

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Solved for me and BeuheC .

Since i've bought the game i've always play on leagues............. since i upgrade my computer . So new instal and impossible to connect to the leagues .
I've always use Firefox and racenet use IE, so with the new instal i had not lauched IE an therefore it was outdated .
This morning i'm lauching IE and trying to connect to leagues and it works !!!!

So, for those who have the same problem make sure you have IE  installed and up to date .
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Same problem for me! I have access to the online events but I can't get access to the leagues! I have the message (can't connect to RaceNet server, please try again later"

I had not this problem in the past. I hope you find a fix soon.
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Hi guys (and for your information Codemasters),

I found a solution to this bug, I finally can access the leagues again.

I had to delete all the leagues where I was member and the leagues that I created. After doing this, I could access to the leagues.

Then I created my new league and ask to enter other leagues and it works fine.

So, the problem was: the leagues created before these huge windows updates on tuesday last week I think.
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