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[Dirt Rally 2.0] What a difference of Crowd levels?

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I can't see the graphical difference.

One of the stage finish area in Monte Carlo is fully crowded.
When I drive though there with High levels, there would took big framerate impact and drop to 30, but medimun reach to 60 (Ysync limited)

What's the actual trade off? Levels affect how much crowd have animation?

MY PC is good old 2500k (4.5Ghz Turbo) 16GB Ram with 1060 6GB.

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It's hard see a difference, especially with the TAA blur in action, but it seems like a mix of things - such the amount of and repetition of character models, the number of ones which are animated, and the distance which the render from extremely low levels of detail to the higher ones that look more like people.

I still don't understand why it's such a drastic difference in performance in low to ultra, it's really kind of insane considering you can't really tell a difference when driving by them fast on a stage.

If you need performance you should be turning them off entirely or using the lowest setting, low still gives you the atmosphere of having spectators and at night you'll still see the roadside flares and camera flashes, but you'll get way more fps than the higher settings. I've been using low since the start and can't say I'm missing anything there. It's not like I'm stopping and staring at them, I'm generally focused on the road ahead.

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