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Really enjoy this game and happy to help you to improve it ( I own a motion simulator + rear traction loss module  (simxperience), gs4gseat and the accuforce wheel + tri screen
Here are my first asks:

- add a possiblity to adjust the position of the driver and the fov in interior view directly in the game screen
- add an option to remove wheel (because when I drive mine i don't want to see one moving ;)
- support for motion platform ( i think it's already working )
- add support for accuforce wheel natively ( it seems working but not any change log in xml etc not easy to do for all people.)

For this time i don't use your game with my rig , i'm just playing it with xbox controller.
I saw that you 'll be incorpore an tracks editor and this 'll be awesome .

thx a lot for your rally game, oups rally sim to come

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It is currently possible to race in the "dash cam view" to remove the drivers hands and wheel from the view.

This is not satisfactory for simulation purposes.

Is is currently possible to set car detail in the graphics detail settings to "lowest" which will remove both the co-pilot and pilot from the car entirely (which results also in a "ghost car" during approach to the start line and during replay)

This is not satisfactory for simulation purposes.

We need:
- setting to remove drivers hands from cockpit
- setting to remove steering wheel from cockpit

in order to simulate the own steering wheel to be "within the cockpit" for a higher degree of realism for those people with proper sim racing rig setups.

Both these settings should ideally be available separately.

Furthermore we need much more detailed in game options to precisely set:
- FOV (currently only customizable within a strict window from the preferences menu)
- driver position (think customizing the racing seat position in car - ideally at all times adjustable via keyboard shortcuts W(fwd)A(left)S(bwd)D(right)
- detailed settings for multi display setups (number of displays, size, angle between, distance to drivers eyes, etc)
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Totally agree. Adjusting seat position is missing in all CM titles and should be a must.

Currently I prefer to use the dashcam view, but it is too close to the windshield, specially in cars like the Lancia Stratos. 
The only way I've been able to solve this issue so far has been fixing TrackIR up close on my seat to then pull back the camera in the game when I go back with my head.

There should be controls to adjust the seat/camera position at any time in any view. Every other decent racing game have this feature, and this is an easy feature to put in the game.
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