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Watching of the road

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Dear Codemasters team,

Is it possible to add  "Watching of the road" functionality for cockpit view? Meaning behind is when I´m going by doors first in the corner I´m like blind because view is still aimed on car nose. Argument here can be "use wider view angle" but this one partially helping on the driver side only and co-pilot side is still "blind".

I can imagine that tracking of the road by view in rally game can be pretty difficult to introduce but what about to connect head movement with turning of the wheel?  Turning left ==> looking left … . I already saw it somewhere. It can be like option in setting for cockpit view together with slider for non/linearity of head´s movement. I believe this one shouldn´t be so difficult to introduce, in comparison with other possibilities, and it can help me and other players without VR get more control and have more fun:)

Please consider it.

Have a nice day


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A bit like the 'Turn head towards Apex' function in PCars? I wonder how beneficial it would be in a rally setting... I imagine 'don't cut' corners could be a source of trouble.

I hate to say it, but the cockpit drift-cam function in Forza is actually incredibly useful for getting a feel of the weight of the car and how much the back end is sliding out 😂 It's based on the car physics, so wouldn't require analyzing every track corner and inserting apex focal points.

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Obviously I didn't think it out so well but yes, I was seeking exactly something like drift-cam... .

So as it is so incredible feature which can provide even better feeling from already amazing game and as I believe one of your aim with dirt is to provide your players the most realistic feeling. Can we please have this increbile feature in dirt?:-)

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