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Paying to retry?

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On 9/8/2019 at 9:41 AM, spizzlo said:

I totally disagree. In real racing you don't get to throw the stewards money for a retry. I do agree that unlimited retries takes away a lot of the skill, but this is a money grab, plain and simple, and it makes it pay to win. If they want to make it more realistic, make the retry free, but only give us a limited number (since in real F1 you have 2 or 3 chances to set a fast lap). 

I'd be happy with that ... unless ... the games keeps crashing (and yes I have a fast consistent connection, I restarted the iPad and app but nothing helps) ... I'm not even getting one chance ... I even paid CRs to just try and complete the even (unsuccessfully though) 

really disappointing 😞

it seems Codemasters has acknowledged that there are issues with finishing races and I got another chance ... just to have my car demolished by the awful AI.

firstly ... even with a perfect start from the grid the AI has so much overspeed that I have no chance to get to the first chicane even just keeping my position.

secondly ... the AI is unable to actually go through the first chicane without ending up in the gravel only to come back on the track and crash into me, who actually managed to stay on the track ... result ... I get the engine penalty !!!

thirdly ... after a clean overtake I was in front of the AI and brake for the last chicane ... only the AI doesn't even try to brake and crashes into the back of me to destroy my car.


*** ... how can this game be the official F1 game??? try this behaviour in F1 and you'll lose your licence AND your seat.


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I just paid to retry all three races for 6 credits. Finger on the throttle, release clutch... Car doesn't move. Whole field overtakes me. Now it's 8 credits to retry. And some people here are saying this is a good update. Has Chris Groves established a fake account to spread propaganda? I'm about one more stuff up from deleting this game which is a pity. I've spent money to support it, I've played consistently and fairly and I've been trying to supply feedback to help grow the game since version 1. And this is what it's come to. 

The one more stuff up occurred. I had good qualifying times, the sort that got me on pole. At the first chicane I had the inside line but ended up pushed off the track. Cut Corner penalty. Valuable seconds gone. Hit "retry" cost? another 10 credits. I put in 9 faultless laps. Safe laps to be honest because I can't afford to keep exponentially spending credits, but I beat my previous time by a significant margin. Yet I remain wallowing in Silver. I'm not complaining that there are faster drivers than myself, it's that my times (as my pole position suggests) in all past events have been Gold standard. Why have they changed the points structuring to push consistent performing players down the rankings?

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On 9/9/2019 at 12:40 AM, Dr Zaius said:

Has Chris Groves established a fake account to spread propaganda?

😂 My thought exactly! Like what?!?

There’s a long, LONG list of things Codemasters can do to make this steamy pile of 💩 resemble anything like real F1. Adding an increasingly expensive retry paywall when the AI, track limits, game stability, etc. haven’t been fixed is of the poorest taste. Great to see Codemasters hasn’t lost their scammy edge.

Where’s the F1 2020 sign up sheet? I’m out.

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My inbox today informs me that like in real F1, the pressure is on to achieve the perfect lap during Events, so unlimited retries are simply not realistic and therefore no longer part of the game. 

So, is it a little hypocritical that if you purchase a season pass, this doesn't apply to you? Give them money and you are permitted to break the rules.  Is this part of F1 too? Has Lewis Hamilton's team been paying officials to do unlimited qualifying times when everybody else has gone home? 

Also to be noted. The introduction of the Season Pass at a point when the season was half finished. Does it not seem more logical to have a season pass at the start of the season? At least offer the Season Pass now for half price.

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