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F1 2019 - XBOX - Canada


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Hello All,

Thought it a good day as ever to introduce myself, and see if there is a North American party out there who might be interested in throwing together some drop-in races from time-to-time.

I rock a Thrustmaster TX, Thrustmaster F1 wheel and a Playseat.

I currently run with zero assists, custom set-ups, but my pace is a couple of seconds off from what it should be. While I've been sim racing for a few years now, I've only recently dived into F1, with the first of the series for me being F1 2018. Prior to F1, I played Dirt Rally and Asetto Corsa for GTR, so the change for myself has been quite drastic. 

By no means am I a competitive racer, I don't spend countless hours behind the wheel. I do this purely for the enjoyment of it all. So if you'd like to have a casual race with me, please give me a shout!

Gamertag: Goonin7rav

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