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F1 2019 Multiplayer League failed to join the session(PC)

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I have the same problem from time to time .. my league is stuck can’t join the race just says in progress been saying it for a couple of weeks now ..

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I saw this happening several times with me. But now I guess I found out what's causing this problem. I was attending every race for a league, I only lost the 1st race, but another player attended for that race. After that I was racing alone every race, but the game fills every race with AI to reach 20 cars in the grid. Yesterday I couldn't attend the race and I guess anybody did, so it would only be 20 AI playing, and I guess the server does not "simulate the session" as I previously guessed. So now that race never ends without a player, and any other player can't join the session giving this error. Now the league is broken and I can't play another races anymore.


What a bummer. :(

I hope they address this issue quickly.

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