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Career mode. (How's everyone getting on)


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How's everyone's career going ? 

I'm onto Baku in my second season. Started at Redbull and finished 3rd. Got Redbull into the top flight with Ferrari and Mercedes, so 3 way battle.

I decided to join Mclaren who was way at the bottom. Literally wasn't having it. Kimi joined me which I thought was really weird.  

Hamilton has moved twice. Once to Haas and now to Renault with Weber. Who infact are the top team now starting season 2. 

Other then that, only slight changes to teams. 

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im at abu dhabi first season. Started at STR, switched to RB after 12 races. Then Verstappen went to STR, Albon got sacked, Kvyat to Alfa and Weber to STR. 

Thats all the changes ive seen so far. Good fun tho. 

RB strongest car all around. Engine is the only weakness so far, tho working on it. Aero im miles ahead. Chassis is getting regulation change, so small changes only there, planning to really focus on that next season. 

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I'm on season 4 in two careers and I have seen loads of weird changes.

Basically Perez is World Champ in a Force India. Haas also do well. Ferrari at the bottom. Vettel switches to teams near the top.

To be honest, in some ways the changes are fun, but most of the times I just want simplicity, no interviews, no changes. Maybe career is not for me any more. I wish there was a career lite sim version with just basics and no development or contract pressure or storyline.

Like I'd rather they just released a patch with actual driver changes instead e.g. Albon.

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I'm season one at Hungary weekend, race is forecast for rain. Germany was rain, Silverstone had rain, Austria had rain. Austria and Silverstone were good anyway, even with a bad alternative strategy proffered by Jeff et al where they put me on new softs as it started raining while I thought I'd be getting inters. Got to wait for straights and read closer.

Anyway I've gotten some points here and there think I'm actually 7th in standings with Sauber's car. Beaten teammate Marcus averaging 10th place. Rivaling Alonso currently which is fun, we battled in Britain. 


Just renegotiated a pretty good contract too! But the rain is killing me and Simulate Session will screw you over so I'm not sure what course to take from here, I don't play to race in the rain half of all races. Ideally it doesn't rain and IRL it's not too common, so why in the world when you've designed an artificial world does it rain 5 times out of 12?

I'm burned out on suffering through an unrealistic amount of rain, race after race : rain. I wanted to catch up to 2019 season and get to Italy but I'm putting it down for a bit, rain just isn't fun for me at all I race cockpit and 100% so I'm not doing rain after rain after rain, even if I had some dry races in between but four in a row? I simmed GER which took my P8 qualifying to a P17 race finish. I'd rather that than sweat through 1h + of improbable and unnecessary rain. IDK what to do here.


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seas 2, mercedes since the start (no f2 made at the beginning)

no major moves, in the end of seas 1 renault made a huge mess up and became the 2' force on r&d, also if RB is constantly 2' behind us and Renault is 3'.

ferrari a huge mess down, now arriving with both only 7th-11th.

so, in general quite fine, the only issue i see that only me and Ham fight every time for victory, the rest is quite far back (max always 3' since china but at +10-15'' every time).

ps4, diffic. 90, no assists.

if i put up the difficulty, Ham goes front like a shuttle and there is no race fight at all. that's a shame because i would want more battle with others.

so, i stopped completely the development, in order to wait the others...

ps: No SC depolyed ever, only 1 VsC.

rain: not so much, in seas 1 only 4-5 events (race or qual), in seas 2 since baku (i'm doing it) NO rain at all.

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Season 3 - Germany

I’ll try and keep it brief and just give a summary

Started at Racing Point and finished 7th in the championship with a couple of podiums and 1 win thanks to a timely safety car allowing me to outsmart the AI by changing to dry tyres at the crossover point. 2 transfers in Japan with Hamilton and Leclerc swapping which kind of ruined the championship since Hamilton was leading so IRL Merc would never let him switch with 4 races to go. Hamilton won it comfortably in the dominant Ferrari.

Season 2 moved to Mercedes to partner Leclerc and Bottas moved to Red Bull triggering about 10 other transfers. Started off average got a win at Monaco and a couple of other podiums and got 2 more wins back to back in Singapore and Russia. Then the Weber and Butler effect took hold and I was unable to compete for podiums with the rapid development of the other teams so I saved my resource points for the regulation change and some upgrades ahead of season 3. Finished 3rd in the championship behind the Ferrari’s of Hamilton and Vettel with Hamilton winning it again.

Season 3 stayed at Mercedes with a few more transfers most notably Butler to Ferrari, Weber to Haas , Hamilton and Verstappen both in the dominant McLaren. First 5 races all on the podium with a win in Bahrain then won again in Britain taking my win total up to 6 wins so far. Verstappen is dominant and I’m second in the championship with me Haas and McLaren very close in the R&D so will hopefully be able to continue to fight for the championship.


TL;DR - Season 1 Racing Point best of the rest, Season 2 Mercedes best of the rest behind Ferrari, Season 3 good start fighting for championship. 😄

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