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2 player events and other ideas

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A few ideas that i have and would love to see be implemented in the game.

1. A two player possibility in custom events. Like the old Colin McRae games I would love a possibility to do an two or more player offline events when you have friends over. You choose which locations you want to run and the players choose which car they want to have and then run after each other on the same controller/wheel and a separate offline leatherboard (not Racenet) during the event. If someone crashes out they can continue the event with a time penalty or something like that. WRC 7 had something like that but with ghostcar and it wasn't good but Dirt Rally 1 and 2 hasn't anything like that.

2. A Swedish co-driver voice. Loved a mod back at Colin McRae 1 or 2 where a Swedish voice was recored by someone from Värmland!

3. Possibility to run with extra lights mounted in daylight. Love the look av them.

4. The ability to choose between RHD and LHD in cockpit view, everything feels wrong for me to drive a RHD a two of my favourite cars in the game, Ford Escort MKII and Opel Ascona B (as I own in real life) are that and "impossible" for me to use.

5. Volvo 240 and Volvo 940 added as cars. See pictures of very very popular rallycars in Scandinavia.7_volvo_240_rally_car.thumb.jpg.c2e68c1fc95ae9f860dd8d9e77392f60.jpg12_voc_volvo_940.thumb.jpg.59e2c0c70c9a3537216c1b8139f6b4d5.jpg

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