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Advice for a beginner (being me)?

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Is it better to decrease assists or increase AI to ease into making the game more challenging. I’ve done a bit of both but can’t find the happy medium:  either I’m creaming everyone (in dry races) or I’m a back marker. I keep adjusting the AI but it seems to go between those extremes; either too easy to be fun or too hard to be fun. 

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Depends on your longterm goal.


1. Do you want to have a more realistic experience?


Drop all assists and grind your way up, slowly you will be able to increase AI difficulty as well and become a better driver.


2. Do you want to simply enjoy the game and not bother putting time and effort into pratice?


Keep assists on and go as high as possible with the AI.


Regardless of what you choose, always try to have your AI teammate be at least around 3 tenths +/- next to your average laptimes, else you will either be too fast or too slow.





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