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Please indicate what wheel you have


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T500 - absolutely dead in the centre, no feeling of weight transfer, no feeling of the road, and worst of all, no SAT (self-aligning torque - the wheel countersteering "on its own" when sliding). Feels like nothing but a centering spring with some shocks/vibrations when you hit big things.
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Hope you don't mind @MrPix but you gave me an idea so I changed your title a little

Everybody else read this...

So we've been reading a lot of your comments on wheel support and force feedback today and we want to put together a most requested wheel list so we know what to start work on next.

It would be great if you could all just post up below with your model of wheel/pedals/shifter. (please try to avoid any conversation in this thread to make it easier for us to sort through)

What we'll then do is make a list in order of most used kit and start working our way down the list as we go though early access. 

We won't be able to add all of them in one go obviously, but if we can get a good few ticked off the list each month then by the end we should have everything covered and hopefully one of the most supported wheel lists of any game.
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@justbiglee no problem. Here to help! (you may need to bump the fanatic support to the upper part of the list for me though lol ;))

Fanatec CSWv2, CSPv2, CSS SQv1.5

FFB seems inverted, grip where it shouldn't be and nothing where it is expected. Grip loss = greater force where it should be less.

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Fanatec CSW v1 and CSW v2  and CSR (three different bases)

pedal box:
Fanatec CSR Elite

Thrust master T8H (first version)

Using Fanaleds software

OS Windows 8.1 Pro 64bit

Macintosh New MacPro 6core with 2x D500 Firepro cards (Windows driver indicate 2x AMD 7800 cards)
triple screen 3x 26"
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Accuforce pro,
 Emery emond pedals with DSD 12 bit controller,
d-box 4250i
Simxperience gs-4 motion seat

I have D-box and the Accuforce pro. The Accuforce requires Simcommander to work which needs telemetry output. And based on previous Codemasters games whenever d-box takes the telemetry channel. I couldn't get it to share with Simcommander software or any other shiftlights accessories. Can this please be looked into regarding using d-box with other telemetry peripherals?
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Logitech G27 Wheel and Shifter
Fanatec Clubsport 2 pedals

I personally think the biggest feature to include at this stage is for the game to automatically adjust the steering lock for the car being used - such as with Assetto Corsa/rF2/iRacing. So I can leave the Logitech profile at 900 degrees, and the game will do the rest, including matching the on screen wheel to the real wheel. It would then be much easier to adjust other settings and understand the FFB better. At the moment it all feels a bit random.
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