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Please indicate what wheel you have


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Logitech G27 is NOT properly supported as advertised. The sensitivity is completely wrong and not adjustable. The game reads it as Logitech Driving Force EX. The pedals aren't bound by default. This needs to be fixed.
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Logitech Driving Force GT, standard everything. I use paddles and map handbrake to be pulling back on the gearstick. FFB when sliding doesn't seem strong enough when I start sliding and I end up not correcting until it's too late. I have the Logitech profiler though so I'll try to fiddle with that some. 
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After I flowed Codemasters post about advice for wheel, my G27 seems to work pretty well, I bumped up the over all force to 115% to compensate for a larger aftermarket wheel that I modded.  But it works much better than my overcomplicated settings.  In game I moved feedback to 90% and get pretty good road bumps feedback.  
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Fanatec cswv2,cspv2 and css.

Force feedback issue.
If you use the settings code masters advice on this forum it's ok. Its playable but not brilliant. Just impressed with the overall game so far. The realism is really good . 
The main foundations of the game are there. If they can nail the force feedback this game will be pretty awsome. And improve the overall polish of the game. 
We have got so many quality road race sim games. Assetto corsa, stock car extreme, raceroom,Iracing,rf1/2.
Just really happy someone's really trying to make a real up to date sim rally game. 

So thank you codemasters!!

Keep up the good work!!

Cant wait for better force feed back and Pikes Peak!!
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Fanatec Porsche turbo s wheel

Strange thing is that with the newest firmware, and drivers the clutch don't work in dirt rally(no matter where I try to map, the have just don't detect it). On the stock firmware and drivers, it work.

It work in dirt 3 with the newest firmware and drivers, but one thing I remarked : the clutch pedal axis name is changed to axis0 instead of axis1
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Hi all,

Just wanted to give you an update on the Wheel situation - the data I mention below is taken from here and the Steam forums.

Thanks for this list, it's took me ages to go through but now we've got a better idea of what we need to do next.

Currently Supported
  • Logitech G27
  • Logitech G25
  • Thrustmaster T500 RS Racing Wheel
  • Thrustmaster T500 RS F1 Racing Wheel
  • Fanatec Clubsport Base v1
  • Fanatec Clubsport Base v2
If you happen to own one of the above you don't need to post up your wheel anymore, I initially wanted to know so I could see how well our supported wheel list lined up with what people actually had at home.

So on to the shopping list, below is everything you've said you have and what I've passed on to the dev team this evening to start work on. 

What we plan on doing is working our way down the list as we continue through early access so that in theory we'll have pretty much everything covered by the end. There might be the odd occasion where we end up adding something further down the list if it turns out to be not much work after adding another wheel. It's possible some of the harder to get hold of wheels such as the Accuforce might take a little longer as we'll need to talk to the manufacturer. I also can't promise we'll tick every single one of these off the list but I can promise we'll do our best to.

Don't feel disheartened if your wheel happens to be in the bottom section either, you guys who have posted in this thread make up a small section of our player base, when we scale that up to how many players we do have it's still worth us looking at so please don't think we'll just brush those off. We want as many people to be able to enjoy DiRT as possible

Top Wheel (by a long way)
  • Logitech Driving Force GT
Less than 50
  • Fanatec CSR
  • Thrustmaster T300(+RS)
  • Logitech MOMO
  • Fanatec 911 GT3 v2
  • Thrustmaster TX
  • Fanatec 911 GT2
  • Thrustmaster TX 458 Italia
  • SimXperience Accuforce
Less Than 10
  • Steel Series SRW-S1
  • Logitech Formula Force EX
  • Logitech Driving Force pro
  • Fanatec CSW
  • Thrustmaster T300 Ferrari
  • Microsoft Sidewinder FF
  • Thrustmaster F430
  • Fanatec Turbo S
  • Thrustmaster RGT
  • Microsoft 360 Wheel
  • ECCI 7000
Less than 3
  • Leo Bodnar SimSteering
  • Mad Catz Xbox One Pro-Racing Wheel
  • Fanatec CSW v2
  • Logitech Driving Force Wireless
  • ECCI Trackstar 6000 GTS
  • LevelUp Race Pro GT
  • Speedlink Drift O.Z.
  • OpenSimWheel
  • HAMA Thunder V18
  • Saitek R220
  • Saitek R660 GT
  • Genius Speed Wheel 5 Pro
  • Thrustmaster T100
  • Thrustmaster F1
  • Thrustmaster Ferrari Challenge
  • Thrustmaster GT Experience
  • Fanatec Forza CSR
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