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Please indicate what wheel you have


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thrustmaster t300rs  Very good work COdeMaSTers very good indeed. game is amazing now.  really amazing. especially on tarmac tracks. i love all the tracks  if you had asked me about tarmac tracks id have probably said oh no dont do them. but now ive seen your work. the tarmac tracks are fantastic. and with the new force feedback. oooooh mama. amazing really amazing

Hey homerlvsbeer, (I luvsbeer also!!!!) I also have a T300rs and I have just downloaded the game yesterday.  I have absolutely zero FFB.  Any suggestions on how to correct this?  Cheers!!

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I have thrustmaster TX, unfortunately it's not supported properly yet as I can't use manual shift with clutch, as Dirt rally refuses to accept anything as input for gears. Also there's really bad FFB in this game, probably down to how basic the physics are in this game so there is nothing to give proper FFB.
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-T500RS Base + Fanatec GT 330mm
-Fanatec CSP v2 - I can not calibrate the clutch does not work
-shifter TH8RS - it does not detect the game
-Sequential gearbox mod that alpha - works
-HandBrake manual mod - works
- DSD FTL button box operates at 70%
The game did not save controller configuration, and every time I have to be performed again.Please do to improve this behavior.
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Great game, well done on your work so far.
I'm running a MMOS / OpenSimWheel direct drive.  I'm ok with editing an XML file to map custom buttons, but it would be great if I could access the advanced wheel settings.
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Fanatec GT2 wheel.
Fanatec CSR sequential , manual shifters.
G27 pedals.
Impossible to match the cluch.
With update V0.6, the clucth pedals does nothing.
With V 0.7 the clutch works like a button during configuration. Make validation when pressing pedal.
Thanks in advance for your support.
Best regards.
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-T300 GTE Base + Wheel  320mm
-Pedals G27
-shifter H G27 
-Sequential gearbox DIY
-HandBrake DIY whit pedals cluch g27

My confi:
Control Panel:
General forcé: 55%
constant forcé: 100%
periodic forcé: 100%
resolte forcé: 10%
damping forcé: 10%
Center: In game

Wheel options:
Dead zone address 0
Saturation of the address 100
Linearity address 0
Throttle deadband 0
Saturation throttle 100
Brake dead zone 0
Saturation brake 100
Clutch dead zone 20
Saturation clutch 80
soft block: yes

the wheel center: yes

In vibration response:
vibration response: yes
Par automatic alignment 100
Friction wheels 90
Tire friction 90
suspension 140
tire slip 140
collision 100
Soft block 100
Central force of the steering wheel 90
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Logitech G29.
Not supported and not even recognized by the game even though there is an official .xml file in the "input" directory of the game. I tried everything that i was able to find on google with no success so far.
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