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Wishlist Wednesday - 29th April 2015


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Obviously we're always listening your want's and needs and we've already started working on a few of your ideas for DiRT Rally but we thought it might be cool to have one day a week that we dedicate to "the wishlist."

What is the wishlist? Well it's the rolling wishlist of things you'd like us to add to DiRT Rally. This can include (but not limited to).

  • Cars
  • Stages
  • Game Modes
  • Features
  • Game Options
  • Things you'd like to hear/see/read about development

Anything! Just fire your ideas below.

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Nice, but I don't think people will not post on other days.  :p
  • An option for manual control over windscreen wipers and a faster buildup in mud/dust on the windscreen.
  • Roof camera (should be easy to include and so cool to have at the same time! :smile:).
  • Pacenote mode (if you guys have the time, but should not be top priority in my opinion).
  • Change split times to where you only see split times compared to those who are running in front of you. So when you are in first in the standings there should be no split times. (Maybe only change the split time order after each service?)
  • An area with some open areas and a very small windy gravel road that loops around to practice driving (something like the Dirtfish compound) 
  • At the end of a stage have the driver slow the car down manually and park it at the checkpoint after the finish (instead of the sudden slowmo cut)
  • Mooooooree cars! But that's coming all right. Can't wait for Pikes Peak and it's cars next month! :smiley:
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I would definitely love to see the Telefonica Focus from 2001. The Impreza is without a doubt Colin's most iconic car, but this is the one I associate with him most.

I also dig the '08 Impreza in rally spec :blush: 

As for stages - Finland absolutely cannot be denied. I think this is pretty much a given, but I'll pop it here anyway.


Finally, WRC used to run a super special stage in the Millennium Stadium in Wales. I've always wanted to see this in some form in a rally game/sim. The actual Millennium Stadium itself as a cherry on the cake for the Welsh stages already in the game would be fantastic, but if not, then some kind of stadium-based super-special stage, or head-to-head even, would be awesome. For the Millennium Stadium I believe they started outside, then burst into the stadium through tight entrance tunnels. That would be rad to experience.



I can imagine the electric atmosphere with the crowd sounds, air horns, and camera flashes. Sure, we had all that in DiRT 2 and 3, but I think the fact that DiRT Rally is primarily about realistic outdoor rally stages would give it back a special feeling. If done realistically like the videos above, instead of with dubstep and shoe salesmen and Al Harrington's w
acky waving inflatable arm-flailing tubemen, it would be crackin' in my mind.

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  • Cars: Peugeot 206 WRC, BMW E30 318is (good car to learn RWD)
  • Stages: longer stages (10-15 min long) with preferably dynamic weather conditions (with some random factor).
  • Game Modes: some guys will want Power Stage feature to be introduced within a rally
  • Features: Manually enabled wipers/ lights, ability to change flat tire via menu during the stage, removal of automatic countdown after going off the stage, much more strict time penality for puting car back on the road dependent on how far spectators are (very common scenario in WRC rallies), peacenotes editor, SDK for new stages/ cars mods.
  • Game Options: Visible wheel and driver hands on/ off, camera positioning (and FOW if possible) setup individualy for each car setup manually while actually sitting in the cockpit, not via main menu.
  • Things you'd like to hear/see/read about development: anything guys, moreover let us know if You need any help from us. We have many real life drivers here, we have modders, programers, guys who know how real life car physics work.
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I would love to see something slightly similar to the Dirt 3 practice compound. Some sort of practice area with different patches of terrain. Not so much a Gymkhana area, but something a little less serious than a timed event on a selected course. This would not only allow people to have some fun, but also allow them to gain a better feel for the cars.  
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- Would like to see some kind of  test area, were we can put the cars thru its paces, with a big piece of asphalt and a little stage attached to it
- Maybe a Stage like this around and on a circuit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dELU4f1oqk#t=134 
- Something that really would be the best was some kind of livery creator 
- Rally Raid classes/cars would be very cool 

looking forward to the Hillclimbing!

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  • Sportsman/"Open" 2010's (McRae R4, lightly modded Imprezas and Evos, etc.)
  • 2000's 2WD (Super 1600) class (Fiat Punto, Citroen Saxo, etc.)
  • 2000's 4WD class (Citroen Xsara, Ford Focus, etc.)
  • Create-a-Route (assuming all stages for a given "area" use the same model): user feature to create new combinations of routes on existing rallies.
  • Rapid-fire rally starts, like Dirt 2 and 3. (You do sometimes have to deal with traffic in rallies!)
  • Qualifying and "Heats" system for rally-cross events.
Game Options:
  • Adjustable pace-notes timing; later or earlier depending on player preference.
  • Different co-driver voice-overs of various types. For instance, American English Male/Female, International English Male/Female, etc., with "funny" co-drivers as DLC content
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CARS: Opel Manta, Ascona, Talbot Sunbeam, Chevette HSR, all versions of the audi. Group S too.

STAGES: Portuguese rally, the old RAC rally stages (70's 80's), so called Mickey Mouse stages, manx rallies of the 80's, some real special stages, etc

Being able to see your car being repared, with the truck and crew members behind the car; have your own team, staff, sponsors, painting the car, etc.
Option to adjust the camera;
Tyre choice;
"Add all time-of-day options (Morning, Afternoon, Sunset, Night etc..) to all locations in the game. Add precipitation options for each location and time-of-day as well";
Depending if you're the first driver of the day to race or the last, you can see track degradation and wear. For example, more rocks, mud and skidmarks, so starting last is more challenging";
More voices to the co-driver.
When we end the stage, let us go to the tent and stop the car;
Button to turn on/off the headlights;
Damage more realistic;
RWD and 4WD more realistic;
The group B cars need to be more powerful, in all terms;
Longer stages;
Dirt accumulation on windshield;
More spectators on the side of the road, depending on which country and stage we are driving;
Some cars sounds really need to be improved.

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Corsica (loved the Corsica stages in the original Colin McRae rally) narrow tarmac with serious consequences - http://www.wrc.com/en/wrc/calendar/france-2015/page/702--702-682-.html,
Italy (narrow gravel/sandy - http://www.wrc.com/en/wrc/calendar/italy-2015/page/697--697-682-.html)
Spain (gravel/tarmac - http://www.wrc.com/en/wrc/calendar/spain-2015/page/703--703-682-.html)
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Here are things I'm hoping for:

  • Less grip (not too much, but a tad so the cars would actually slide more).
  • The grip changes between dry asphalt and ice in Monte-Carlo should be a lot more significant. Just look at some YouTube onboard videos of WRC Monte-Carlo and see how there's absolutely no grip at all there on the icy places. :smile: 
  • This is something I have quite high on my priority list: please make the clutch work no matter what gear shifting you've selected (except automatic of course). I really don't want to drive for example the Fiesta WRC with clutch and h-shifter  ;) I've used sequential shifter with it but there are some places where you really need the clutch to get the revs up (after hairpin with too big gear as an example).
  • Make the virtual steering wheel degrees to match the real world car. Also make the game to automatically change your physical wheel steering degrees to the amount the real car has (for example if I choose the Fiesta WRC, make the virtual steering wheel animation as 540 degrees and also make the game to change my wheel's degrees to 540).
  • Move (or add another camera) the dashboard cam a bit further back so we could see the gear display and speedometer and stuff instead of just the dashboard and "virtual" speedometer.
  • Make us able to stop the car ourselves at the time check after we finish the stage :)
  • You've done fantastic work with the sounds already but in my opinion you should:
  1. Correct the engine sounds of some cars (Subaru Impreza 95 as a great example, here's how it sounds in real life: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0bSxJ7Y5Hek but there are more cars that needs a bit tweaking also like the Lancia Delta S4). If this is something you're already going to fix, this can be ignored. :smile: 
  2. Make the gravel sounds louder.
  3. Make the co-driver sounds louder.
  • Make the outside cams last longer so you could listen to the sound of the car. The camera should change about 1-2 seconds after you can't see the car anymore. This would make the replays even more enjoyable to watch :smile: 
  • More essential stages so there would be less stages which are just shorter parts of one bigger stage (like some stages in Wales are shorter parts of Sweet Lamb at the moment).
  • The backfires should be bigger then they're now but this is kinda small thing.
  • Older cars (Group B, Group A and so on...) should be real flamethrowers! :smile: Please make them produce more backfires.
There isn't more stuff coming to my mind at the moment but I hope that these things will be noted and hopefully seen in the game in future :smile: 

But well, what can I say... The game has a really fantastic start already and I really do hope it to be a big success and something that will finally push away RBR from the "king's place" :smile: 

This is the best game purchase I've ever done!
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I would like you to think outside the box when picking countries. What I mean by that is to do something different for a country people associate a certain rally type for. To make things easier take this example. A rally in Norway is mostly associated with a snow rally. But instead of doing that you could do an interesting tarmac rally over the Norwegian mountains. I mean who wouldn't do a rally here or here? But that would mean to go a bit away from having real life Rally stages which I don't mind. As long as you guys keeep the style with tight roads I'm happy.

It's pretty obvious you're  missing the 2000 era of rallycars. I'd love to see the classic focus, the xsara, the 2003 impreza and the peugeot 206

This will involve mostly liveries and car personalizing.

One of my biggest gripes about this game and previous Dirt games is that I cant have my name and my co driver's name in the rear window I often felt like the car I drove was never really MY car instead it was just some  car I was given. I think it would improve the immersion greatly. Many games have done it even all the way back in sega rally 2.

I would also like to have my flag on the roof of my car. It does not have to be every car in the game, but at least the modern WRC cars should do it. This goes back again to the feeling of it being my rally car. or you could have none at all. One of the things that annoyed me in dirt3 was that all the Citroen c4's had french flags all over them and the names of the drivers. It didn't feel like I was part of the Citroen rally team. It felt like I was just borrowing Loeb's car for a practice run.

I would also like to have a unique number that I choose. it would look cool in online tournaments to have different numbers on the drivers. that again could be restricted to just the modern cars.
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Minimal HUD for when you want to use the dashboard view and cant see cars rev counter etc. Default rev counter is too big and breaks the realism.
Option to change a flat tyre mid stage

Colin Mcrae R4

Tracks / Stages
Race to the sky to compliment Pikes Peak. See my other post.
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it would be nice to hear how the development is coming on especially if codemasters is going to port it to next-gen id rather hear an anoucement about dirt rally for next-gen or many others will wait for rally dlc on Project CARS i.e affecting codemasters reputation and financial situation- P CARS is set to sell big, the hype is there for a reason! watch out codemasters or many will walk if not given a proper rally sim on console and vote p cars instead
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Cars Subaru Legacy RS, Ford Focus RS WRC 03, Escort RS 1600 ,Nissan Sunny GTI-R , Impreza S8 WRC
Stages Fafe ,Tour de Corse or San Remo,New Zealand and some Americans (Tall Pines or 100 Acre Wood)
Misc Livery editor or support thereof is a must, less steering lock and some adjusted on dust in Greek stages because during onboards there is an FPS drop.
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Cars: - RGT Cars (RUF in place of Porsche) plus a lotus or some such thing
          - RWD Gr.B e.g. RX7, 037, Renault 5
          - 2014/15 WRC and R5 cars
          - More 70s, 80s RWD in general (Easily the most fun you can have at present so keep on adding to those classes MAINLY Opel Manta 400)

Stages: - With Germany incoming PLEASE base the stages around Panzerplatte!!
              - Lydden Hill RX (After RallyX is released)
              -  Some Czech inner town/ village style stages. 

Misc: - A Save replay functionality
           - A little less grip so the 4WD cars and get their backsides out more naturally
           - FFB (make the default settings give more overall feel especially in the 10-2 range of the wheel rotation)
           - FFB (very spongy when oversteering, maybe reduce default ffb weighting when the car is losing traction)
           - Further FOV reduction for onboard cameras/ a gear indicator hud when using the dash cam. 
           - Add tyre selection to setup. Would make the changing surfaces at Monte Carlo far more realistic when having to pick a compromised compound. 
           - Add clutch functionality to the manual-sequential shifting option

I am sure there is more that everyone else has covered suitably well. All said and done DiRT Rally has been the nicest surprised of the year so far and has kept me sane the last few days through intermittent, yet cripplingly boring university work. :smile: 
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Being able to see your car being repared, with the truck and crew members behind the car; have your own team, staff, sponsors, painting the car, etc.
Option to adjust the camera;
Tyre choice;
"Add all time-of-day options (Morning, Afternoon, Sunset, Night etc..) to all locations in the game. Add precipitation options for each location and time-of-day as well";
"Depending if you're the first driver of the day to race or the last, you can see track degradation and wear. For example, more rocks, mud and skidmarks, so starting last is more challenging";
More voices to the co-driver.
When we end the stage, let us go to the tent and stop the car;
Button to turn on/off the headlights;
Damage more realistic;
RWD and 4WD more realistic;
The group B cars need to be more powerful, in all terms;
Longer stages;
Dirt accumulation on windshield;
More spectators on the side of the road, depending on which country and stage we are driving;
Some cars sounds really need to be improved.

All that this dude said AND:

- Please let it be moddable
- a option with outside cams on the replays (Heli and stage)
- Add a scrrenshot button
- Clutch should be programable like everything else
- Please let it be moddable
- Paint are own cars. Make some templates and a FAQ on how to do it. That includes drivers suits and helmets
- You have a bug on the helmet =P. The intercom cable it's not attached to the helmet, so no earing the co-driver hehehe
- A "Advanced" setup system. You can have that one for noobs and a more realistc one for hardcore players

- Portugal :smiley: - You have the Fafe national rally if you can get the license of WRC Portugal. All the same stages more or less. If you need contacts tell me, I know a guy or two ;)
- Other tarmac rally appart from Germany. Something more traditional like Corsica or Spain


- Should be more recent cars, but whatever you cook it's good for me. Rally cars are great period!

And, to finish: Thanks guys, not a hardcore sim, it's true, but a very enjoyable simcade! Like it a lot, and I'm glad that I buy the game a hour after it came out :wink: Let's make it great, and don't forget, let's make it moddable :tongue: 
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if someone it's nice enought could you PM and tell me how to change the language? Mine's in English and I want it in Portuguese!

BTW, BUG Report

- Everytime I enter the game I have to programme my g27! It's a bit annoying really! It's a bug, or should I creat a new profile?
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How about some "club rally" type vehicles?  The kind of things you would see at club rally type events.  They start off with physics close to stock, the only upgrades being the cage, off road tires, and coilovers (Standard upgrades for entry-level club rally classes).  Then maybe add more engine and suspension upgrades via career mode.  Some examples of "club rally" type cars (based on what I've seen at SCCA club rally events, I dont what's common in Europe and the UK):

-Subaru Impreza & WRX (various years and trims, including wagon ;) )
-Mitsubishi Lancer & Evo (various years and trims)
-Dodge Neon
-Honda Civic (including Si)
-Various late 90s-Early 2000s Audis
-Ford Focus (ZX3 and ZX5)
-BMW 3 Series non-M3 (including e30s and e36s)

EDIT:  Also more classes (I second the motion for R2/R3/R5) and more cars for each class.  More cars in a given class would make leagues more enjoyable.
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- Intercontinental Rallying
More can be found here:
Be So nice to have long distant races instead of short ones! And races that can last an hour or more!
Will having laps work with rally?

- AI drivers
Project cars have very competitive AI drivers something not seen with hardcore racing.
So you could have a slider like in Project cars in options so players can adjust how challenging and aggressive the AI will be.

- Engine
More realistic engine so it simulate a real one where if you keep pushing it, it will blow just like in PC! :)
water for radiator and and oil change?
Able to set amount of fuel needed.

You look at actual WRC races, and you’ll feel just how exciting those courses are, with cars taking perfect slides around dirt corners and leaping over hills in an effort to grab first place on point to point races. WRC 4 completely fails to capture that feeling, and should be marketed as a sleeping aid instead of a game worth your hundreds of Randelas.

- Advance tuning
Have a deep system like for the front and rear wheels to get better performances.

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1. Dynamic weather
2. Different tyre compounds- I think it would spice up the competition. I know it is a lot to ask, but like if they could introduce weather temperatures and dynamic weather, it could really mix up the strategy. Like if there is a 50% chance of rain, you might gamble for a softer compound in order to get more grip. But if it doesn't rain, then your tyres overheat
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First of all, Congratulations, Finally we can see  the true Codemasters: Genius at play.
The game is fantastic, i love it and i really hope it goes in the right direction, and again, congratulations to all the team.

-Mitsubishi lancer evolution 4 to X
-Subaru impreza 22b and various models
-Mitsubishi mirage 2015
-Toyota Yaris 2015
-More Group b rally cars
-Corr trucks dlc (or trophy trucks)

-Special stages like crm 2.0
-Corr tracks dlc(or baja)

Game Modes
-Hot seat
-Split-Screen (Rallycross)
-Checkpoint eliminator 5 checkpoints 5 racers (online) the one that crosses the next checkpoint last looses, it`s a timed challenge tho, not all the cars in the same track.
-Special stages

-Improved physics (They are great but the car tends to wobble from side to side even without input)
-Better graphics/environments/effects
-Proper ffb
-540 degrees steering

Things you'd like to hear/see/read about development
-Weekly development blog
-Mods/Steam workshop (Cars/Tracks mods)
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Désolé je ne parle pas anglais....
En 1er merci pour ce superbe jeu qui je pense à un trés belle avenir.

Ce que j'aimerai voir sur dirt rally.
- Des sons ambians plus présant (les spectateurs sur le bord de route ) ex du col du turini: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-17et0FghHg

- Plus de camera en exterieur en mod replay.(posé sur le bord de route )

- Plus de voitures des année 60 et 70.

- Spécial courses de cote en Corse,Italy,espagne.

- 1 special sprint suplementaire par pays (durée max 2 mn) pour un gain de points bonus au classement général (ex 3 pts)

- pouvoir choisir le type de pneu au padock avant la special.

- Des évenement sur la piste (voiture concurrente accidenté garé sur le bas-coté de la route avec les comissaires de course agitant les drapeaux.).

Mille merci pour cette trés belle surprise.
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What i'd like to see is:

- Better handling: I still feel way too much grip in most parts of the track, especially slow corners
- Improved FFB, it feels too disconnected still, especially when going straight it feels like i'm driving on tarmac, but with the rough surface i should be constantly feeling my steering wheel reacting to the surface
- Much more vehicle tuning settings, we want a real in-depth configuration for individual wheels, front/back suspension, etc etc.
- Input from multiple controllers (wheel base, shifter, handbrake, button box, etc etc
- API to interface with external devices or software, for example dashboards or monitoring tools
- Obviously the possibility to choose between different tires, and not just one tire for gravel, but different types for different weather conditions and with different tire compounds. For example: Gravel - Wet - Medium compound

PS. I played all colin McRae games and loads of other racing games, but 2 years ago when i bought Richard Burns Rally i really had to go through the driving school to learn how to drive a rally car. It took me a few (sometimes frustrating) weeks before i was really able to drive the car hard and fight for top positions. That feeling of challenge, reality and at the end the reward of finally mastering it is unique. If you can capture that feeling, this game will surely be a winner. So don't make it too easy, even on the lower difficulty settings. People like a challenge, and facing and overcoming that challenge will surely get them hooked on the game.
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Citroën DS 21 rallye
Citroën BX 4TC
Citroën Visa Trophée rallye
Peugeot 404
Peugeot 504
Lada Samara EVA
Porsche 959
Volkswagen Golf MkIV kit car


East Africain Safari


Drive to the repair zone
Opponents physically here
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First off, what an amazing project! Very interesting to see a proper sim-rally, it's been over 10 years since the last one!
Many of the things I'd like to see have already been mentioned, except most importantly:

Hotseat rallying

This is something that I'm sure many old Rally Trophy and Richard Burns fans miss, myself included ofc.
The hotseat mode in RBR was a little slim, not including a proper championship, but individual rallies.
Rally Trophy however had a championship mode for up to 8 players to play locally, and you could even save your progress and continue later.
I sorely miss the times when 2-6 of my friends got together and we'd play RT for a day or a whole weekend, often very competetively!
We even had a tv screen set up with a duplicate of the picture, so those waiting for their turn to drive could spectate the rally.
I understand that online racing is the thing these days, but when it comes to rallying, it's nowhere near as fun as local racing with the added social aspect and excitement.
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although I like the base ideas in dirt rally and your options, the way you have setup the game and your leaderboards and online challenges does not give enough discrimination of scope in play styles of the game and players play styles to the point its actually insulting to me as a player.

Mean time I hope you consider this point of view and wait for my explanation tomorrow. at which time I will link back to this thread.

the game needs to be broken up in to 2-3 sections within the career section and a leaderboards and challenges need to formed for these sections to represent the playstyles of the community, think of these sections like sniper elite difficulty modes.

1) Racing

2) Hardcore

3) Purist (this actually fits between both the above) 

Oh and consider getting rid of the car unlock system and money because serious casual players and sim players tend to play the game for along time so they would max any unlock system out and then what use is it, what was its purpose?

I'd rather you focus on providing competitive environment like your current online and use game options to provide players a challenge from the perspective of the game challenge i.e precision endurance  strategy driving (vs game and your own talent), as opposed to speed (PVP).

Some of you may have a inkling about what I am talking about. but I need to get to bed.

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If the complete car list could end up containing the following...

60's Rally Cars:

Mini Cooper 1275S
Lancia Fulvia
Alpine A110
Saab 96

70's Rally Cars:

Opel Kadett
Fiat 131 Abarth
Ford Mk.II RS1800 Escort
Lancia Stratos
Vauxhall Chevette HSR
Talbot Lotus Sunbeam

80's Rear Wheel Drive Rally Cars:

Ford Sierra RS Cosworth
Opel Manta 400
Renault 5
BMW M3 E30
Lancia 037

Group B Rally Cars:  

Audi Sport Quattro S1
Ford RS200E
Austin Metro 6R4
Lancia Delta S4
Peugeot 205 T16 Evo 2

90's (Group A) Rally Cars:

Subaru Impreza (555) WRX STi
Ford Escort RS Cosworth
Lancia Delta HF Integrale
Toyota Celica GT4 ST205
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution III

Open (Rally America) Rally Cars:

Ford Fiesta H.F.H.V.
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X
Subaru Impreza GDB WRX STi (N12 shape)
Subaru WRX STI GR (N14 shape)
Subaru WRX STI GJ (N15 shape)
McRae R4
Ford Mk.II McRae Escort

Super 2000 Rally Cars:

Peugeot 207 S2000
Fiat Grand Punto Abarth S2000
Skoda Fabia S2000
Ford Fiesta S2000
MINI John Cooper Works S2000
Proton Satria Neo S2000

WRC (Pro) Rally Cars 1997 - 2001:

Subaru Impreza S5 WRC
Toyota Corolla WRC
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI (Group A)
Seat Cordoba WRC
Ford Focus RS WRC (1999)

WRC (Pro) Rally Cars 2002 - 2005:

Subaru Impreza S11 WRC
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution WRC05
Hyundai Accent WRC3
Peugeot 206 WRC
Citroen Xsara WRC
Skoda Octavia WRC

WRC (Pro) Rally Cars 2006 - 2010:

Ford Focus RS WRC (2010)
Citroen C4 WRC (2010)
Skoda Fabia WRC
Subaru Impreza S12b WRC

WRC (Pro) Rally Cars 2015:

Ford Fiesta WRC 2015
Citroen DS3 WRC 2015
Volkswagen Polo R WRC 2015
Hyundai i20 WRC 2015
MINI Countryman WRC

Modern Rallycross Cars:

Citroen DS3 T164x4  
Ford Fiesta Mk.8 T16 4x4
Peugeot 208 T16 4x4
Volkswagen Polo T16 4x4
Audi S1 T16 4x4
MINI Countryman T16 4x4
Subaru WRX STI GR (N14 shape)
Subaru WRX STI GJ (N15 shape)
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X
Ford Focus ST 4x4 T16
Citroen C4 4x4 T16
Skoda Fabia Mk. 2 4x4 T16
Volvo C30 4x4 T16
Saab 93 4x4 T16
Volkwagen Scirroco 4x4 T16
Volkwagen Beetle 4x4 T16
Hyundai i20 4x4 T16
Ford RS200E2 
Austin Metro 6R4 

Retro Rallycross Cars:

Ford RS200E2
Austin Metro 6R4
Audi Sport Quattro E2
Lancia Delta S4
Peugeot 205 T16 Evo 2

 ...I would say you have totally nailed it! :D I'm not as au fait with the front runners in the R2, R3 and R5 classes, but it would be fantastic to see those in game as well. Would love to see an R-GT class too, but I suspect there could be issues licensing a Porsche in game?

(Oh, and pretty please consider releasing the above on PS4 so I don't have to splash out on a PC to play it! ;) )
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Dear Sirs,

FEATURE: Will there be an option like in Colin McRae games, when you can make a rally or one stage with two persons or more on one PC one after another and then type your name in scoreboard which saves times. It was really enjoing when I came back from work and I saw that my brother or father beat my time in scorebaords Or maybe there will be ghosts too?
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First of all, thank you Codies!
I've been waiting for a game like this for over 10 years! (Richard Burns Rally 2004)
It's probably closer than any other rally game I've played but it still needs some work.
(e.g.: FFB needs a lot of work but you guys are already on that, )

- Rally cars from the Colin Mcrae Rally games and even Dirt (1).
         Xsara WRC
         Focus WRC
         Swift S1600
         C2 S1600
- Latest classes (R2/R3/S2000-R5) 

- Is there a possibility to get more authentic/iconic liveries in the game? I only saw 3 - Mini (Paddy) - Quattro - Fiesta WRC (2011 season)           
  (I know it's not easy with licensing and copyright)

- Circuit of Ireland Rally (really narrow, fast, bumpy and jumpy tarmac)
- ADAC Rallye Deutschland (I hope the German stages are based on this rally :smiley: )
                        Only one game has stages like this unfortunately --> RSRBR - Bergheim and Sieversdorf stages

- San Remo Rally or Tour de Corse Rally
- Barum Rally Zlín
- Portugal Rally

- Manual option for wipers and lights
- Drive to the checkpoint yourself when the stage ends 
- Option for tyre choice
- Option to chose whether to change the wheel on the stage or keep going on the rim
- Option for damage (off - minor - heavy - realistic)
- The dust cloud should go on and obstruct your view when you brake too late for a hairpin and come to a complete halt for instance .

If I come up with some other ideas I'll let you know

Once again, thank you Codies!!!! :smiley: 
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  • 1 )most omportant to me: full support of Porsche 911 GT2 / GT3 Wheel EU and CSR Elite Pedals EU
  • 2) virtual steering wheel degrees should match to the real car ones(animation and ingame option to adjust)
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    In my opinion, before adding new cars, tracks and features, the most important here is to have a propper wheel force feedback FFB. You just can't enjoy the game in its currently state. The FFB is the worst ever, and it is uncomprehensible given the fact that it was just fine in the early Dirt saga games. Just start by copyng it. That easy. Btw, I use a DFGT wheel, which is probably the most afortable FFB wheel.
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    Game design:
    -Trottle/break input more precise. Right now you need to full press pedals to get car moving. I want to control my slides with my foot.
    -More power to cars, specialy group B.
    -Steering wheel on/off with seat position and FOV customization
    -900 degree wheel support and game to adjust seperatly for every car and his actual degree of rotation
    -smaller HUD
    -cars should slide more in general, i watched WRC ford drifting through every corner yesterday just by pressing full trottle, i want to do that in this game. i want realism :wink: 
    -better transmition ratio
    -FFB should be soft with feeling for bumps and slides
    -sequential and H-shifter using same time
    -clutch must be more forgiving, actualy has same problem like trottle/brake, where you need to fully pressed it, which is not good. Every pedal needs calibration for 100% sensitivity, soo you can control car with foot.
    -add some snowy tracks, just snow! Something with just gravel and covered with snow, drift mania :smile:  Like in RBR
    -i hope that pikes pike version of track will be gravel, tarmac is boring, or do both version..one for old hillclimb cars and one for new high tech cars
    -more wrc cars, maybe full collection of this season?
    -some hillclimb cars, old and new
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