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DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series

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Who qualified, who won and how did they get there?


Find it all here and re-watch the best moments with the series review:



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Back in September over 36,000 players began a quest to prove who was the strongest driver of them all, and on January 12 at Autosport International we had our answer. Here’s a look back at the first DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series season.





----- Series Status -----


  • Round 1 Qualifiers: COMPLETE
  • Round 2 Qualifiers: COMPLETE
  • Round 3 Qualifiers: COMPLETE
  • Quarter-Finals: COMPLETE
  • Semi-Finals: COMPLETE
  • Grand Finals: COMPLETE



----- Original Announcement -----


Have you got what it takes to become a DiRT Rally legend, and win from a prize pool of $10,000? Put your skills to the test with the introduction of the official DiRT Rally 2.0 esports series.






The DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series begin on September 10, and continue throughout the end of 2019 in the search for the world’s strongest Rally and Rallycross players. In partnership with Motorsport Network, the series will see players compete on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam in a number of online challenges, with the live final being held at the Autosport International show in January 2020. For more information about the competition and Motorsport Network, our press release can be found here.

For the next 3 months, in-game Qualifiers will take place in DiRT Rally 2.0, with separate categories for both Rally and Rallycross. On December 7th and 8th, the Quarter and Semi-Finals will be broadcasted live across DiRT and Motorsport Network channels, showcasing the game’s strongest players in their element. Throughout the Qualifiers players can play on their preferred home setup, however the live finals will be a wheel-only competition.

Qualifiers can be found in-game by navigating to the World Series tab on the main menu, and updates throughout the season will be available here and on Motorsport Network channels. Here are the list of World Series Qualifiers for both rally and Rallycross categories. The fastest player in each Qualifier on each platform will earn a spot in the Quarter-Finals, with invites passing-down if a player has already Qualified.


DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series Qualifiers: Rally

  • 10th September – Poland – Kopina – H2 FWD
  • 17th September – Argentina – Las Juntas – Group B 4WD
  • 24th September – New Zealand – Te Awanga Forward – R5
  • 8th October – Spain – Comienzo en Bellriu – Rally GT
  • 15th October – USA – North Fork Pass – Group A
  • 22nd October – Australia – Mount Kaye Pass – Group B 4WD
  • 5th November – Poland – Czarny Las – H3 RWD
  • 12th November – New Zealand – Waimarama Point Reverse – R2
  • 19th November – Spain – Decenso por carrertera – R5


DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series Qualifiers: Rallycross

  • 10th September – Hell, Norway – RX1600
  • 17th September – Trois-Rivières, Canada – RX2
  • 24th September – Lohéac Bretagne, France – RX Supercars
  • 8th October – Montalegre, Portugal – RX Supercars
  • 15th October – Silverstone, England – RX2
  • 22nd October – Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, Spain – RX1600
  • 5th November – Mettet, Belgium – RX2
  • 12th November – Holjes, Sweden – RX1600
  • 19th November – Hell, Norway – RX Supercars


Best of luck to everybody competing in this competition, and may the best drivers win. In addition, there’s a participation prize for all who take part…





Every player who competes in a DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series Qualifier will be rewarded with an new car, the BMW M2 Competition.

Described by BMW as the ultimate sports car, the BMW M2 Competition battles in the Rally GT Class in DiRT Rally 2.0. As with all M cars, the M2 has racing DNA factored into every aspect of its design, and is sure to provide a special driving experience in-game.

After you set a valid time in a DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series Qualifier you will be rewarded with an exclusive version the BMW M2 Competition for use in My Team, where you can perform upgrades, compete in Daily Challenges and more. This special version of the BMW M2 Competition also provides you with free car repairs.

Please note that the BMW M2 Competition is awarded when a Qualifier's entry period ends. Taking part in the World Series Qualifiers is currently the only way to obtain this car for use in My Team.

The car is also available for all players in Freeplay, Custom Event, Clubs, Multiplayer and Time Trial, without needing to set a time in the World Series Qualifiers.


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  • PJTierney changed the title to DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series
  • Social Media & Community Team
1 minute ago, Eagleizer said:

It's 10th September already. What time is the event available?

Should go live the usual time that Daily Challenges do, which is 11.00 BST.

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Hi mrTierney, Im still not sure what your rules on cutting is during the qualifying.
It says in 55. That the game may give penalty for cutting.
You must be aware that there are plenty of opportunities in the game to make cuts (whole car off track) without getting any penalty.
It would be sad if the fastest driver with the best/worst cuts gets rewarded for what many regards as cheating.


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  • Social Media & Community Team
6 hours ago, ManxYates said:

Just seen a blog post that would suggest that It’s live on the 10th and we have until the 16th to compete in this first stage? Can anyone confirm? Thanks

Yup, Qualifiers are up for a week at a time.

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  • Social Media & Community Team
51 minutes ago, DamaTheCrow said:

I still don't see "World Series" tab in my game. I have Oculus version 1.8......?

DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series is only available on PlayStation, Xbox and Steam.

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As per the regulations



• Online Qualification begins on 10th September 2019 and end on 25th November 2019

• Open to competitors on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 or PC.

• Two separate competitions for Rally and Rallycross.

• Must be aged over 18 to participate.

• Setups for are fixed for online qualification. 



and terms and conditions


9) A Driver is only eligible to participate in the Online Qualification if they have:  
a) an Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X, PS4, PS4 Pro or suitable Windows PC;  b) Xbox Live Gold Membership or PSN Membership (or such other online membership relevant to their platform and which is required for them to play online);  c) the DiRT Rally 2.0 game (updated to the latest version of the Game publicly available on the relevant platform at the time they participate in Online Qualification); and  d) an Internet connection.  
10) Drivers are responsible for their 



It seems oculus isn't on a PC, or at least it ceases to be a PC once an oculus headset is attached

I expected as much given the lack of clarity throughout regarding the oculus version.

I believe the announcement does mention Steam, its just unfortunate that the documentation isn't consistent with that.

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33 minutes ago, Mike Dee said:

honestly as much of a **** as I'll sound... I'm totally ok with this. Most of the masses that went to the Occulus version I'd much rather never hear from again - or see in any of my lobbies/championships either.


I bought Oculus version just because they said that is optimized for Oculus Rift and Steam for steam VR. Now you say that is OK why that particular version can't access World series? 

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