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DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series

Message added by PJTierney

Who qualified, who won and how did they get there?


Find it all here and re-watch the best moments with the series review:



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1 hour ago, bn880 said:

That's funny, because most people who watched the DR2 Stage Rally finals enjoyed the one by one passes through the stage, like super specials.  What I would definitely do is have the drivers in a mini screen on there all the time, and one window showing the previous competitors watching as well (same as WRC+ really)

I would go further, and implement a staggered timer for staggered starts. @PJTierney

Pretty simple dev work: new int staggeredstarttimer; this will allow us to config this timer on lobby settings.

And just call this value with the lobby participants order with respective increments. No need to do anything else, we don't need to see the cars departing, as we know thats not currently possible. This way you can spectate each player and their passes.

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You mean a countdown timer that shows when the next car is starting @Riggs?  Or what exactly do you want this timer to show?  Current driver's stage time?

A whole timing table would be welcome with current driver's elapsed time as well technically.

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4 hours ago, bn880 said:

You mean a countdown timer that shows when the next car is starting @Riggs?  Or what exactly do you want this timer to show?  Current driver's stage time?

A whole timing table would be welcome with current driver's elapsed time as well technically.

A timer that shows for the player how much he has to wait to start the race, until the 5-4-3-1-GO. Basically what existed in DiRT 3 staggered starts, the only difference is that you dont see the cars in DR2. And you wont be able to launch the car until you get to the 5 second countdown.

This time gap can be configured in the lobby settings: Off, 30s, 60s, 90s, up to 120s.

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On 1/12/2020 at 10:05 PM, SereneLogic said:

My ideal format can be described in one of two ways, a singular event format and a championship format. The Championship format would basically represent a small- to medium-length Championship of a set number of rounds, I'f imagine anywhere between 3-6.

For Rally this'd follow a natural Rally, including Power Stages. And for RX this'd follow a Heats -> SF -> F format, albeit maybe not 4 Heats, since that'd be too long. These events would cover a spread of DLC and non-DLC tracks, narrow and non-narrow locations/tracks, tarmac, gravel, etc.

For a singular event I'd go with a Qualifiers into Quarter-Final into Semi-Final into Final format, but with 2 Races in the Quarter-Final, 3 Races in the Semi-Final and 5 Races in the Final, each awarding points based on the drivers' positions and the people with the most points go through. Of course each of these races would also have a Qualifying Race beforehand to dedide the grid on the same track, in the same conditions. (Basically this year's format, only with more races per Quarter- and Semi-Final, and all races in the Final counting towards the overall win, not towards a final decider.

Either of these would work, by my preference would go to the Championship-like format, as that's the better way to find out who's the best of the best, with a longer format like real-life.

@PJTierney Slightly elaborating on the RX side of the competition, as that got only a fleeting mention.

For RX to profit from its innate marketability due to its short but exciting races, the more races the better, given it fits within a certain timeframe. For that I'd suggest a series of 3-6 events, each of these being held at a certain track. For these tracks I'd select a collection of tracks that all have different characteristics, therefor covering most of the available spectrum. If I were to suggest any collection it'd be:

  • Trois-Riviéres / Bikernieku (1)
  • Mettet / Catalunya / Yas Marina (2)
  • Montalegre / Killarney / Höljes (3)
  • Hell / Estering / Silverstone (4)
  • Lydden Hill / Lohéac (5)
  • Montalegre / Killarney / Höljes (6)


Each of these events would have the participants going through the familiar system we all know and love. Starting with the Heats, I'd suggest running either 3 or 4 heats, depending on how much available time there is. These heats would have different (or the same, because random) weather conditions as each other, but all races within a single heat would be running under the same conditions. As for the amount of laps, just as the official FIA WRX heat races, they'd have 4 laps.

During these heats the race times of the participants are ordered from fastest to lowest, awarding 50-45-42-40-39-etc. intermediate points to each driver once all races in a given heat have been raced and all related incidents (i.e. crashes/collisions) have been investigated. This means that after all heats have been driven, we'd award Championship Points based on the overall standing of the participants, 16-15-14-etc. 

^ This allows for a field of 16 drivers to gain points that count towards the series championship, rather than it just coming down to who gets into and wins the final (which I'll discuss below)

After these points have been awarded we can divide the top 10 drivers into two semi-finals, ordering the grid based on their overall amount of intermediate points. (12 drivers would only be possible if they made it possible to have 6 people in a single race format) 😉

In these Semi-Finals they'd race 6 laps around the same track as before under random conditions (One Semi-Final don't have to be the same conditions as the other Semi-Final), with at the end the top 2 drivers of each Semi-Final proceeding towards the final, as well a being awarded 6-5-4-3-2-1 Championship Points based on their finishing position. (Once again, if a 6-man single race format is possible you could promote the top 3 and forget what I'm going to suggest next)

Now since a 6-man single race format isn't possible at the moment, you'd still need to fill that fifth and last final spot. There are two potential ways to do this, one of which is giving the spot to whichever Semi-Finalist has the fastest Race Time of the Semi-Finalists who aren't already in the final (Note: If you use this, the Semi-Finals need to be same conditions). However I wouldn't really suggest this method as it's down to much more chance due to incidents or being held up. I'd much rather see an additional race (Consolation Final) of the Semi-Finalists that finished 3rd and 4th, of which the winner gets that last spot in the Final, pretty much ensuring that of those 4, the fastest/most consistent driver makes it to the final, aside from racing incidents and what not.

And of course the Finals would be run with the Finalists spanning over 6 laps on once again the same track, with random conditions, where the Championship Points awarded are as follows: 8-5-4-3-2-1.

Vehicle Selection
That concludes the formatting of each event in the series, with one more topic to cover, the cars to be used. I'll simply suggest that only the 2019 Supercars are to be used, given they are the top class of the RX discipline. This suggestion is fueled/supported by the opinions of a vast majority of the Quarter-Finalists of the RX DiRT World Championship.

Championship Standing/Results
After these events have been driven, the driver with the most overall points would be crowned Champion. If there's a tiebreak you'd be able to decide it by looking at the amount of 1st place finishes in the finals, all the way down to 6th place finishes in the final. As unlikely as it is for a tie to be completely even after this, you could repeat this process with Semi-Final finishing positions and even overall Heat finishing positions.

For the Qualification for this series I'd stick with 2019 Supercars being driven around tracks that won't be featured in the series' events, the amount of qualifiers depends on the amount going through per platform, so I'll make a few suggestions based on different amounts here:

  • If you want 12 participants to qualify for the series, I'd hold 4 Qualifying Events of which the top 3 qualifies for the series.
  • If you want 14 participants to qualify for the series, I'd hold 4 Qualifying Events of which the top 3 qualifies for the series, along with the 2 remaining participants with the best cumulative time across the Qualifying Events.
  • If you want 16 participants to qualify for the series, I'd hold 4 Qualifying Events of which the top 4 qualifiers for the series. 

I personally wouldn't go above 16 participants if there is a limited timeframe for these events to be held in, but if you want to be fancy you can also go with 20 participants. With which you'd have 5 Qualifying Events of which the top 4 qualifies for the series.

These events would be 6 laps in random conditions at the tracks that aren't being showcased in the series itself. I think this'd suffice for a RX series plan. Though I have to add, this is purely my personal opinion based on being a fan, but also as being a league organizer that has and is organizing RX events like this, so I know it's possible to achieve this.

P.S. It's possible to forsake the aforementioned Championship Points system and replace it with awarding points based on overall position only once during the event, with tiebreakers being decided based on fastest (cumulative) race times. But personally I think a lot of the audience and drivers would prefer this system as it still makes the Heats mean something, and in the end it'd always give the Championship to the most consistently fast driver.

P.P.S. If there are any further questions, feel free to reply to me here, or tag me on Discord (though Discord is more favourable for me).

P.P.P.S. For the other people aside from PJ, I am not specifically looking for suggestions to improve this format, but I won't reject any intriguing suggestions made. Bare in mind this is for Rallycross (RX) only. 🙂

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