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Crash in Stage Menu on exiting to Main Menu

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Almost every time (>90%) I try to exit an event by pressing "Button 17" (Save & Exit) the game crashes and I have to manually end the drt.exe process via Task-Manager.

System Spec
GTX 970 @ 1920x1200
Logitech G25
Windows 7 64bit

Steps to reproduce
Start Custom Rally, Run Shakedown or Stage of Rally, when back in menu "Save & Exit" => Freeze

Your recent history of races 
Does not matter, bug occurs > 90% of all times trying to exit to main menu

Which stage were you within the championship\custom event?
Bug occurs on all stages / events 

What were you doing specifically when the crashed occurred?
Trying to get back to the main menu after stage / shakedown

How long was your current session?
Bug occurs regardless of session length

Which graphics preset were you using?

Additional info:
I have a second monitor attached, which is unused while playing Dirt.
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