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Dirt 2.0 1.8 (Steam VR) Crashes at launch If NLR motion on

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Issues in ver 1.8.

Game launches and crashes immediately if NLR motion sw is on. So no motion if playing in VR...

The Game launches normally on 2D and the motion platform works too. (Except in Free roam in DirtFish where the motion stops working after takeoff) Works fine in all other venues.

Any help is appreciated, Thanks.

My setup: 8700k / 2080 Ti / 32 RAM / Fanatec DD2 / V3i / SQ1.5 / Vive Pro / NLR V3 Motion

Dirt crashes at launch 9.9.2019.jpg

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For the short time period be sure that you have disabled VR head motion in the NLR software. Then it should work (in my case that solved it)
Also send Matthew from NLR a mail with your issue. He will send you a newer software (beta) release. 

Hope this helps

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