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Missing Six Seconds

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So, as an example, my best time at Australia in a time trial is in the top 34% of players.

However, it is still six seconds off the lead of the number one players.

Realistically, has anyone closed this kind of gap, and if so how long did it take? Also, how did you do it?

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I'm certain there have been people to close the gap.  When I first started I was consistently in the top 45%-60% on the TT charts across all circuits, and now I'm consistently in the top 10%-12% range.

How long did it take?  If you're trying to gauge how long it will be until you're posting times like that then the answer is it's impossible for us to tell you.   It all just boils down to practice.  You've got to put the time in to take time out of your laps.  That said, some people will naturally progress faster than others too.  It's best not to set expectations for yourself based on other people's experiences - just play the game, and have fun with it!  The more fun you have will translate into you wanting to play more.  The more you play means the more you'll practice.  The more you practice means the easier it will be for you to find time on circuit.  

How did I do it?  While there is a formula/method for fast lap times it doesn't mean that you'll be able to achieve it without practice.  You can educate yourself all day long about where to brake, what the line is through a corner, where you can and can't push track limits, what gear to be in, how much steering angle to put on, etc., but all of that means nothing unless you can execute.  You won't be able to execute unless you practice.  

Just get in the game, have fun, explore your own limits (ie- try to be perfect through a corner, and then try to be even better next time around), explore the limits of the car (ie- understand what it feels like to be in control vs. beyond, and get to a point where flirting between the two becomes natural), and then set realistic challenges for yourself as you practice.  Don't pay much attention to the elite players - just see if you can manage a tenth or two off your personal best time.  Then do that again ...and again ...

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